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Yes and also blow-drying it and also the environment (sun, smog) can cause this. There are good products out on the market to make your hair healthier. I use "Frizz-Ease" to stop those frizzies and it works great! Hot oil treatments on your hair is also good and should be done a couple of times a week to keep your hair in shape. Also, get at least 1/4 - 1/2" cut off your hair to help get rid of those split-ends.


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Split ends can happen for a variety of reasons. Dying your hair often and using the high heat setting on you hair dryer contributes to split ends. Your hair can be damaged, either from the sun or natural processes which can cause split ends. Excessive washing with shampoos can strip your hair, which also cause split ends.

It could either be growing because your hair has started getting split ends, or you are washing your hair too much. Split ends prevent hair growth and that's when you need to get your hair cut, and washing your hair too much strips it of natural oils which help hair grow.

The only way to keep the ends of the hair healthy and avoid split ends is by trimming them every 8 weeks.

Your hair does continue to grow even with split ends. Trimming split ends just makes your hair look more even at the ends. The split ends tend to dry up and look ratty. Split ends do not prevent hair from growing.

The most effective way to help split ends is to get a hair cut and remove them. After getting a hair cut use products that help moiturize to help prevent split ends. It is also a good practice to get a trim once every six weeks to keep split ends from forming.

usually in about six to eight weeks after a hair cut you will get split ends..

Split ends start at the bottom and split the whole hair all the way up to the follicle, which makes the hair fall out.

There is not a way to make split ends less noticeable without cutting it. You should get your hair cut every month to keep the split ends gone.

Split ends are the dead ends of hair. Split ends occur when your hair is damaged. These are some of the causes of split ends: ♦Combing your hair roughly ♦ People with fine, delicate hair are more suseptable to getting split ends just by rubbing your head againist the pillow at night. If this is the case, try replacing your regular pillowcase with a satin one.

No, the hair grows from the scalp, and split ends are just hair that has been physically damaged in some way. Because the hair does not grow from that end, split ends don't affect growth.

Only shampoo your hair every other day. There is something in it that actually damages hair. Try to avoid heat treatments, such as flat irons and blow dryers. Also, condition every other day, but about once a week use a very strong conditioner. Buy some leave-in conditioner for after washing hair. Get hair trims every 5-7 weeks, to get rid of split ends. If your hair is very dry and brittle, make sure u keep you hair at one length. The more layers you have in your hair, the more split ends.

Split ends are just the bottom of your hair divided into different lengths.

If you have split ends you should consider getting a hair cut!

it helps you get rid of your split ends.

To get rid of split ends, the only way is too trim them off. But to hide them, deep condition your hair every time you wash your hair & leave conditioner on for about 10 minutes (depending on how bad your hair is) and this will make hair soft & healthier.

no. split ends are just parts of your hair that are worn out. its good to cut your hair once in a while because having split ends does not make your hair look or feel healthy. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- this^ person has no idea what there talking about yes it will make it grow faster my cosm teacher told me that and the reason why is ur hair is connected to the root of ur hair and keeping the ends neat will keep the the hair spiting even more so like me every 3-5 months i get my hair trimmed to get rid of split ends.

split ends is when your hair strands split in 2

Trim you hair every week,from split ends. Take naps more often.

If your talking about you would kno when ur hair has dead ends when the tip of your hair is split and unevn. to fix it, mosturize ur hair every other day and even out your hair by getting a trim

Just get a hair cut every once in a while. That will keep your hair fresh looking and the dry ends will be gone. Then just make sure you treat your hair well afterwards to maintain it (:

there is no way to remove split ends from your hair, but by trimming them off. You must trim your damaged hair every two months because the damage tends to travel up the hair and get worst over time, and it will eventually break off.

Most people refer to dead ends and split ends as the same. Split ends occur when the hair follicle splits usually due to dryness or damage from dye or heat appliances so the ends of the hair can feel "dead".

It depends. Split ends begin to form when you have no gotten a hair cut for a long time. You lose hair if you dont get haircuts

extremely gives you nasty split ends and drys your hair out. i would not recommend it to anyone.

No, split ends cause hair to frizz and look dry. You should cut them

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