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half a pint of double cream

7 oz Dark Chocolate

grated chocolate to decorate

melt the chocolate in a heat proof bowl over some simmering water

Allow the chocolate to cool but not until it starts setting

Beat the cream until thick

Fold in the melted chocolate, but not completely to leave a swirled effect

Put in the fridge for approx 2 hours until set


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What is a good recipe for chocolate molds?

The common recipe for chocolate molds is to melt the chocolate and shape it before it cools up. The best recipe indicates to choose the best chocolate possible and to mix dark chocolate with milk chocolate in order to get different flavours in the same mold.

What is a better flavor chocolate or mint chocolate chip?

The best is the Toll House cookie recipe.

What is an easy chocolate pots recipe?

One easy chocolate pots recipe is called the Easy Marbled Chocolate Pots recipe. Other chocolate pots recipes include the Chocolate Pots de Creme recipe and the Rich and Easy Dark Chocolate Pots recipe.

Whats the best dessert recipe for a diabetic female?

The best dessert recipe for a diabetic female would have to be anything with chocolate. You could have a rich sugar free chocolate mousse or cream pie.

What is the best way to make chocolate chip cookies?

find a recipe

What are some good recipes for chocolate popcorn?

Spice Chocolate Popcorn Recipe is one good recipe for chocolate popcorn. Additionally, one can also try Milk Chocolate Popcorn recipe and Peanut Butter Chocolate Popcorn recipe.

What is the best chocolate chip cookie?

Here is a link for amazing chocolate chip cookies. Its just the Nestle Toll House recipe. See Related Links for a link to the recipe.

What is the most delicious cake?

Nigella Lawson's recipe for Chocolate Fudge Layer Cake is the best chocolate cake I have ever made. See the Related Links below for the recipe.

Where can someone find a recipe for baking chocolate?

The best place to find recipe for baking chocolate is at a local library. There are many cookbooks and magazines that have chocolate recipes and a librarian would be able to help one to find these books.

What website offers a chocolate cake recipe?

There are countless websites that offer perfect or the best chocolate cake recipe. Hershey's chocolate has one on their website, as does Martha Stewart, Add A Pinch, Bon Appetit and Readers Digest.

Can you give me a recipe for a chocolate milkshake?

try this recipe1 table spoon of hot chocolate mix1/2 table spoon of chocolate syrupvanilla and chocolate ice cream (a few scoops)and add some milk and whip creamand that should be good

"Cookies With Chocolate Chunks," the winning recipe, received $100?

the winning recipe

What is the best recipe on Webkinz?

Chocolate Bar, Coconut, Chocolate Milk, Fudge, Marshmallows. *Remember, Do this on the MEGA STOVE!!!!!!! ( Called Ultimacaroony!)

How do you convert a chocolate cake recipe to vanilla cake?

A chocolate cake recipe can be converted to a vanilla cake recipe by omitting the chocolate or cocoa and increasing the amount of vanilla extract. If the chocolate recipe calls for cocoa powder, replace with an equal amount of sifted flour.

Where can someone find a chocolate cake recipe?

There are plenty of websites which offers free reciepes. One of my favorites is "add a pinch" Here you find "The best Chocolate Recipe" which is rated with 4.8 stars from 5.

Can you make cookies in harvest moon DS?

Yes! Here is the recipe! (This is an Oven recipe!) Egg + Flour + Butter = Cookies! If you want to make chocolate cookies, this is the recipe! (This is also an Oven recipe!) Cookies + Chocolate = Chocolate Cookies!

Can you give me a sentence with the word melting point in it?

The recipe said to heat the chocolate until its melting point.

Where can one find a recipe for chewy chocolate chap cookies?

There are many recipe sites on the internet with chewy chocolate chip cookie recipes. Cooks Illustrated has among the best and most comprehensive recipes available.

What is one recipe that includes chocolate?

Millionaire recipe :)

i need the best gourmet dessert recipe?

A wonderful gourmet dessert recipe would be the Chocolate Ganache cake recipe. The 2 basic ingredients in Chocolate Ganache are semi-sweet chocolate and heavy whipping cream. Bring cream to boil then pour over chocolate chunks and let stand. Cover to soften the chocolate then stir. The Ganache can be used to cover cakes or other desserts or made into truffles.

Can you substitute milk chocolate for recipe that calls for unsweetened chocolate?


Where can one find a chocolate truffle recipe?

There are many places where one can find a chocolate truffle recipe. One can find a chocolate truffle recipe at popular on the web sources such as Simply Recipes and Food Network.

What is a recipe with chocolate?

chocolate covered spoons are a great recipe involving chocolate. You can melt any kind of chocolate then just dip, freeze, and ENJOY! For delishous results why not try hearshey chocolate? I luv HERSHEYS!

What can I substitute for chocolate extract since I cannot find it locally and I am trying to make a Chocolate Mint Mousse?

I cannot give you a substitute for that, but I say find another chocolate mint mousse recipe that does not have chocolate extract. I think a regular chocolate mousse recipes & with the addition of mint extract would do the trick. Try all recipes dot com for a basic chocolate mousse recipe.

Where can you find a recipe to make German chocolate from scratch?

The recipe for German chocolate cake from the Joy of Baking is linked below.