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Yes. Talk to a local lawyer for details, since laws vary from state to state.

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Q: Can you go to court to get a wage garnishment against a contractor who owes 8K from a civil case he owns his own painting business self employed makes money and refuses to pay up?
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Whats the best painting contractor in Tucson?

In the Tucson Arizona area, the best painting contractor is Stetson painting. They can be reached at (520) 334-1740. Greco Painting, Inc. is also a good second choice.

Painting Contractor?

form_title=Hire a Painting Contractor form_header=If you're planning a large scale redecorating project, find a professional in your area. What type of building needs painting?= () Residential () Commercial () Industrial Describe the project requirements:=_ What is the time frame for this project?=_

Anyone have experience with finding a good commercial painting contractor in Iowa?

I am looking for a commercial painting contractor in Iowa. Does anyone have any experience with this? Can you suggest a good one?

What is the General Liability code for an interior painting contractor?

The General Liability code for an interior painting contractor is 98305. This applies to any interior repair work such as painting, wall papering, and the installation of other wall coverings.

What are painting contractors used for?

Generally, you would hire a painting contractor to paint business offices or larger buildings. You can also hire them for smaller jobs such as repainting a house or a smaller building. It's a great way to get something professionally painted.

Is it cheaper to paint yourself or hire a paint contractor?

It is much less expensive to paint yourself if you have the proper equipment and the time to do the painting. If you have to buy all of the equipment required it may be less expensive to hire a contractor. If your painting skills are not good the results of a contractor will probably be much better.

Is there any advice on shopping for exterior painting service providers?

House painting should be performed by a professional painting contractor who is licensed and insured. Interior or exterior house painting may seem like a simple activity but it is much more complex. Find a contractor willing to simplify this process and make it a pleasurable experience. Use a painting checklist to help you cover the essentials during your interviews.

Do you know of a website that will help me pick out a local painting contractor?

Here's a site that can help you: . Note that this is the "main" painting contractor page. You'll need to enter your zipcode to narrow the search.

Who are some reliable paint contractors in Detroit, MI?

Reliable Home Painting Contractor ,Detroit Painting Corners are some reliable paint contractors

How much liability insurance is needed for small painting business?

Standard general liability limits for a start up painting contractor are 1M per occurence, 2M aggregrate, 2M products and completed ops. Make sure there is no exclusion for overspray, one of the most frequent painting contractor claim types we see. You also need work comp if you have employees, and commercial auto for your work truck/van. The licence board in your state may require bonding as well.

Where can I review and shop for painting contractor services online?

The Better Business Bureau is the place to check out thier credentials when you go to hire someone. Here are some to go by.,,,, and

Is sales tax on labor applied in NY for Painters?

I own a house painting company in N.Y state. Yes, a legitimate painting contractor is suppose to charge NYS Sales Tax on labor and materials that pertain to any interior or exterior painting. If the painter is working for a non profit organization, the organization must show a tax exempt certificate to the contractor and then there would be no sales tax. If the project is a capital improvement which would primarily be the painting of new construction then the property owner is responsible to provide the painting contractor with the proper documents and tax will not be charged. NYS requires a painting company to charge sales and use tax on all labor and material that are involved in the painting/coating/staining of pre-existing surfaces. There are many painters in NYS that are working illegally and dont charge sales tax. Illegal painting company's should not be hired, if they are not paying sales tax they are probably not licensed and probably have no insurance. -Thomas Kellogg Kellogg's Painting Company Painting homes and business in the Hudson Valley and Catskills, New York areas.

How To Find A Reputable House Painting Contractor?

A fresh coat of paint can make any house look its best. However, finding a house painting contractor who will do a good job can be a challenge. You do not want to waste money on a painting job done incorrectly, so it is crucial that you find a skilled professional. Here are some tips to help you find a painting contractor who will take your house painting project seriously. Ask For Recommendations If you know anyone who has just had their house painted, ask them which contractor they used. They might have a house painting professional that they can recommend to you. Alternatively, they might have had a terrible experience trying to get their house painted. They might be able to tell you which painters to avoid. When you listen to the advice of experienced friends and family, you can avoid any mistakes that they made. Check Online If you cannot get recommendations from someone you know, look online for recommendations and reviews. If you find that there are a lot of complaints against a local contractor, you will know to avoid using that business for your house painting job. If you live in a larger town, you might consider purchasing a subscription to Angie’s List. Angie’s List is a site where homeowners can review contractors and service providers. You can buy a yearly membership or just a monthly membership. Although this service is useful, smaller towns generally do not have enough reviews to justify purchasing a membership. You can also check with your local Better Business Bureau. They will let you know if there are any serious complaints against any of the contractors that you are considering. Get Estimates Although you might already be planning to get estimates so that you can see how much each contractor charges, getting estimates is about more than just the money. When you get an estimate, a contractor from a company will come out to your home. Meeting a contractor in person is a great way to see whether or not they will be reputable and reliable. If the contractor arrives on time, is courteous, and seems knowledgeable, you can contract their services with confidence.

How do you decide which local paint contractor to hire?

Any local painter can pick up a brush and paint. This is well and good for small jobs like painting a small section of the wall or old beat-up furniture. When it comes to more significant projects, what homeowners need is not just someone knows how to paint, but a reliable, professional contractor. Looking for the best painting contractor sounds like a simple enough task. A contractor, especially a local one, that has managed to stay in business for many years, is trusted by enough customers who are more than willing to keep paying for their services. It is an indication of the high quality of their work and the satisfaction it brings to their clients.

Do you need a painting contractor license to work in long island?

yes.I need a phone number were i can call

What does a painting contractor do?

We do everything related to the process of painting. From using a high pressure washer in preparation for exterior painting, to cutting in straight lines with a brush, and the countless possibilities in between, and the list is long. What were you looking for, specifically?

What did Henri Rousseau do besides painting?

Henri Rousseau was employed as a customs officer in France.

Do I have to use a licensed contractor to make repairs on my home if their is a mortgage?

Yes and No. No you don't need a licensed contractor if you are only doing minor repairs like painting a room or putting in new carpet you don't need a licensed contractor to make the repairs.

where can i find free small business grants to open my commercials resident cal painting business an help for advertise for my business ?

Where can i find a free small business grant to open my commercial and resident cal painting business ?

Are the Charlotte Painting Contractors listed on bestcharlottepainterscom really the best?

Not necessarily. To determine who the best painting contractors are, you have to look at objective, 3rd party reviews and ratings. On the internet, anyone can put together a website called and claim that their list of XYZ is the best.The top places to get objective reviews of painting contractors are the following:1) Your local BBB (Better Business Bureau). Check out if the contractors have any complaints filed with the local BBB.2) Past customer testimonials - what have other people have been saying about this painting contractor.3) Ask the contractor to give you a list of recent references with phone numbers. Do call these references and ask them if you could come out and take a look at the work a particular contractor had done for them.

Where is The Painting Company located?

The Painting Company is a home and commercial painting contractor. Although there is no address listed on their website, it does say that they service areas in Northern Virginia, Maryland, Baltimore, and the Greater Washington DC metropolitan areas.

Who publishes Michael Petti?

Michael Petti, aka "the hamster", is a painting contractor in Santa Cruz County, California.

How long should an interior painting contractor take to paint two medium sized bedrooms?

An interior painting contractor should take no more than one full day of work, or eight hours, to paint two medium sized bedrooms, unless the walls were in need of repair beforehand.

Where is painting used?

A painting may be displayed in a museum. gallery, home, business, hotel, etc.

How much will one pay for business liability insurance for a house painting business in Florida?

As with any business, It all depends on your risk exposure. Are you painting 2 or 3 houses per year? or are you painting 500 houses a year? The premium will reflect the overall exposure.