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Can you have a blown head gasket with no coolant going into oil?

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September 12, 2011 3:20PM

Yes, the head gasket can blow several ways. Take the radiator cap off with the engine cold. Fill it and crank the motor. If water/coolant blows out of the radiator it's time for a head job. If water is going out the exaust you can probably fix the problem for about $7. I have fixed several different cars with bad heads. Subaru, 350 Chevy, Nissan PU. There are several brands available of liquid glass. Comes in either a bottle or can. Clear liquid on top and copper on the bottom. Follow the instructions and it will very likely fix the problem and if it doesn't you are only out $7. As long as water is going out the exaust, or even into the oil, as long as the radiator is not being pressurized from the exaust it should fix it.