Can you have head lice and dandruff at the same time?

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Yes. If you have dandruff, it does not magically go away when you get lice.
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How do you get head lice?

You can get lice by sharing combs, hats, brushes, or hair ties withsomeone who has the bug. You can even get it by putting your headon their pillow or hugging them. I got lice once from a girl atcamp and I don't ever share my hair things with anyone for thatreason. So it is very easy to get them. Bu ( Full Answer )

Can alcohol kill head lice?

no you can not kill lice with alcohol. First this is a "myth" and I would not recommend using alcohol in your child's hair or even your hair. The fact is you need to get rid of lice and their nits (eggs) and the only way to do this is to find a treatment that will breakdown the lice's skeletal sy ( Full Answer )

How long do head lice live?

Head Lice live about a month from the time they hatch from the eggs(nits) they are laid as. A female louse becomes fertilized aroundday 17 of her life and can lay eggs for about 3 weeks before shedies. A female head louse only needs to be fertilized one time andcan lay eggs for the rest of her life ( Full Answer )

What will kill head lice? seems grose but it does..and keeping dirty hair while trying to get rid of them..I've had head lice quite a few times and I have really long hair so yeah it's a pain but they really like clean hair so keep it dirty and put straight mayo on your hair..

Why do you have head lice?

Head lice have evolved with their human hosts since ancient times. No one knows exactly why we have them as they serve no identifiable purpose and are not known to spread disease. There are 3 types of lice that have human hosts: head lice, body lice, and pubic lice. All are different species and ( Full Answer )

What do you do for an itchy head that isn't lice or dandruff?

u know u realy should chek if u have lice. u usually cant see them with ur own eyes so just ask some1 else to check 4 ya any ways thanx for reading BYEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! try a new shampoo, you may have sensitive skin

What to do if you have head lice?

The most important thing is to have a confirmed diagnosis. If head lice are suspected, contact a health care provider (physician, pharmacist, nurse, nurse practitioner, physician assistant, school nurse, etc) and have them confirm an ACTIVE infestation. A lot of people are treated for misdiagnose ( Full Answer )

Does head lice jump from head to head?

No, not at all. They cannot jump only crawl and that has been anunknown fact for some time. Even my doctor thought it was true butit is not. Lice go from head to head by head to head contact andone louse can crawl onto another strand of hair rather quickly Let's clear that point up a bit. It is cor ( Full Answer )

How do you get lice out of your head?

You get the lice stuff that you get to put on your head (a liquid shampoo stuff) and then after you do that take a shower and spend hours picking eggs out of your head.

Does Head and Shoulders shampoo help dandruff?

Definitely not. There is also a slight possibility that it makes it worse. Try Tee Tree products.. Head & Shoulders does work. I find it quite good. There are also shampoos out there called Nizorol and T-Gel that are also good for dandruff.

How do you get Lice on your head?

Head Lice cannot jump and they do not live on other animals. You get them from head to head contact with another person. The lice crawl from their head to yours. If you get more than one louse and they breed, then you get eggs which hatch and you have an infestation.

Will head lice leave your head?

\nNo. They lay eggs and hatch. You must buy a special shampoo and comb, you can get this at any store or ask at the pharmacy counter.

Are feline lice the same lice as head lice?

Head Lice ( pediculus humanus capitis ) are not the same as feline lice. Human head lice need a human to feed on. Head lice feed on a human scalp several times a day.

What is the food that fights against dandruff in head?

Eat foods with zinc like beans, nuts, eggs, brewers yeast, pumpkin seeds. Tea Tree Oil Shampoo is good as is Apple Cider Vinegar as a hair treatment. You can also add a tablespoon of Apple Cider Vinegar to a glass of water and drink twice a day for general health.

Does dandruff shampoo kill head lice?

no it can just kill your dandruff...if you want to kill head lice get a bottle of alchol and pour it all over your hair then tie a plastic bag around your head and let it sit there for 2hrs then comb out your hair with a head lice comb for 1hour or untile you dont see anymore then wash your hair wit ( Full Answer )

How do humans help head lice?

The best you can do is when you shower make sure you scratch your scalp and put in the shampoo good. Or just maybe have someone to pick them out.

How do you combat head lice?

People say lice spread to people with dirty hair, but this isn't true. The cleaner the hair, the more happy lice wil live on it. This doesn't mean you shouldn't wash your hair. If you got lice, wash your hair with a special champo for multible days. Since the eggs of the lice can come out. And use ( Full Answer )

Where does head lice live?

In your Head. More specifically your scalp, they really like behind the ears and the nape of your neck.

Does lice make your head itch?

It depends. It could or couldn't make your head itch. If your skin is sensitive it probably will. If your skin is not very sensitive it probably wont.

Why does head lice live on your head?

Head lice enjoy living in your hair where it's safe and warm, they live close to your scalp where they have easy access to your skin where they use their serrated claws and teeth to cut into your flesh and drink your blood, it's like living above your favorite restaurant where they give you food f ( Full Answer )

What does lice do to your head?

I thinck that it leaves red spots all over your head. :) I and i think it makes your hair fall out so watch out for the head lice:):(

What do head lice like to live on?

The head. They need the warmth and the blood in order to survive and they especially like the warmth from the head to help keep their eggs or nits warm so that they can hatch properly. They can live off of the human head for two to three days, depending on the conditions but ultimately their goal is ( Full Answer )

What is the correct name for head lice?

Head lice are parasitic insects that live in the hair and scalp of humans. They need human blood to survive. Also they spread easily from person to person by direct contact. Head lice can infest anyone, regardless of personal hygiene. The scientific name for head louse is Pediculus humanus capitis

What does head lice do to your head?

Head lice is a very common infestation. Head lice is more commonfor ages 3-12. Head lice causes irritation to your head when theybite to drink blood from your head to get nutrition. The irritationcan cause itchiness to the scalp, and the irritation can causeinfections from itching your scalp so much ( Full Answer )

Can a dog catch head lice?

Yes a dog and a cat can catch head lies because they are not protected like us

Does itching help with head lice?

no! you should try and actually avoid excessive scratching because too much may cause a secondary skin infection or a rash.. the best thing to do is buy an anti itch remedy.. the dandruff ones are ok to use

Do head-lice defecate?

yes in fact they do.. you may notice there are small black dots on the scalp if you scratched your scalp and looked under the nail you may see little black dots.. but do NT confuse this with scabs

What problems can head lice cause?

disease ANSWER: Head lice are commonly spread by conditions of crowding and poor sanitation. Head lice can be easily spread in an elementary school population due to the sharing of hats, scarves, headphones and the like by young children.

Is a head lice a mammal?

no. mammals give birth no live babies/animals/young, and head lice lay eggs. therefore they cannot be a mammal.

How do you know if you have lice or dandruff?

Usually if you see white dots in your hair it's dandruff but if they are hard to come out or sticky on your hair it's lice they eggs are usually in the under part of your hair

How do you get head-lice?

You can get head lice in lots of ways like...when you are sleeping in someones tent it might have head lice, if your sleeping round someones house you can get head lice, when your wearing someones clothes they might have head lice in them. Now the final answer well maby 2 ways of it, you can get hea ( Full Answer )

Does dandruff make your head itch?

Yes it can because one of the reasons you get it is because you have a Sry scalpe. Try some head and shoulders or anti dandruff shampoo.

Is dandruff the same thing as dry skin?

Dandruff is dry skin from the scalp of you head. "Unfortunately, dandruff is not just an ordinary problem, dandruff is caused by a fungi called M.furfur, specifically M.globosa. to know more about

What does it means when your head is itching and you dont have dandruff?

If your head itches, and you don't have dandruff you could have lice. There are special shampoos that deal with lice. Before using these shampoos contact your doctor first. If you do not have lice you could have a dry damaged scalp. There are also medicated lotions and gels that heal your skin. ( Full Answer )

Can you get head lice without lice eggs?

First, a lice can fall or attach to someone's hair. Then, it lays eggs and the eggs turn into lice, THEN there is more and more lice. To treat lice, you just go to the store and buy some of the shampoo that they have. The intructions are all on the bottle or inside the box that it comes in. Trust me ( Full Answer )

What is the best way for controlling dandruff at the same time hairfall also?

dandruff and hairfall are two different issuie dandruff is because of any juices which play vital part in your body suddenly become low or high hairfall is because of roots of hair become weak because of malnutrition low protien intake for hairfall eat egg white, indian gooseberry, use shikakai ( Full Answer )