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Can you install a 86 Chevy motor into a 94 Chevy truck?


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2012-01-11 19:36:02
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Yes it will fit but here's the problem.

The transmission in the 94 is computer / electronic controlled and it must have all the engine sensors that the 94 engine has to shift right. You would also have to install a fuel pressure regulator to lower the fuel pressure.

The 86 engine is NOT a computer controlled engine.

You need to install a 1988 through 1995 engine in that truck so you won't have any problems. Then you will be done with it.

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yes,i have an 86-350 change carb,distributor with mid seventys,and i even blocked of the egr. cost about 700.00 to do it.

Either the timing is excessively retarded or you have a worn camshaft or related problem.

YES it will fit right in. But now hears the problem that you will have. The 91 is a fuel injected computer controlled engine and the 86 is not. Therefore you would need the entire wiring harness and computer plus the fuel pump that's in the 91 fuel tank. You will run into all kinds of problems trying to get the 91 engine to run in that 86 truck. It would be cheaper and easyer to get a carburatored engine and put it back in the 86 truck.

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yes, if your caprice has a v-8 the motor will bolt directly to your tranny, just put a new fuel line on and run the carburator, junk the tbi

A manual can; an automatic will not, as the 94 transmission will be electronically controlled, whereas the 86 would be mechanically controlled.

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Chevy didn't offer a 350 in an 86 Camaro, but if they did, it would theoretically work in an 87 Caprice.

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