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Will a 1974 Chevy motor bolt up to a 1986 Chevy transmission?


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YES. The 74 and 86 engine blocks are the same as far as DESIGN.

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You have to use the flywheel for the 1974 engine and the clutch plate for the Trans Am.

the 1986 Chevy truck 305 HO produced 180 hp

The car has a 700R4 transmission. 4 speed automatic

The transmission oil goes in thru the dipstick tube.

If it is an automatic transmission, Dexron III or Mercon are both acceptable.

The horsepower rating on a 1986 Chevy Suburban with a 350 motor is between 180 and 200. This allowed these sport utility vehicles to perform well when weighing in excess of 5,000 pounds.

Yes it will as long as the 350 engine is not newer then a 1986

The 86 2.8L automatic transmission will not bolt up to a 71 Chevy engine.

The transmission dipstick on a 1986 Toyota Celica is toward the back of the engine compartment on the passenger side of the motor. It is behind the air intake hose.

I believe that is one of the versions of an ( A4LD ) 4 speed automatic transmission

If it is on the bottom of the wiper motor-just unclip and it twists out

Depends on mileage, condition, engine, transmission, and options. Click the link.

You fill the transmission thru the dipstick tube, passenger side back of motor, it has a red top.

If it is a standard transmission S10 maybe they are talking about the "throwout bearing" which is part of the clutch operation that can go bad.

May take some modification in some instances, but yes, it can be done

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