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yes you can. I was also wondering this when i bought my car. The same car you have (2001 Alero GLS) And you can hook it right up to the RDS system by buying a Line Output converter. I bought the AudioPipe NRRM converter. you can find then on eBay for 5.99 buy it now. What you do is hook it up in the trunk by splicing into the left and right rear deck speakers. And mount it under. Then you can run RCA cables from the "LOC" to the amp. It even has a remote wire connector so you don't have to run anything to the RDS system. Doing this will allow you to keep the factory amp so it will power your speakers and rear deck. and then the Amp you purchased will power the subwoofer without pulling out the RDS headunit. hopefully this helped. this is exactly what i did.

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Q: Can you install a amp to a 2001 Oldsmobile alero factor stereo CD rds to avoid unhooking the previce amp so you can install a sub woofer and how would you go about doing it please and thank you kindl?
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