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If you mean whether there is any benefit to adding salt without adding a chlorine generator (if that's what you meant by conversion equipment), then the answer is not really.

There may be a slight benefit in the feel of the water from the added salt as some people who have salt pools say that it feels better on their skin, but without a chlorine generator, you will still need to manually add chlorine to your pool even though it has salt in it.

Because chlorine in the pool can be reduced by leaving as gas (from the formula HOCl + Cl- --> Cl2(g) + OH-), having more chloride ions from the salt may increase this ongoing reduction of chlorine (though probably not by much). Higher temperatures also increase this rate of loss with a 10 degree increase roughly doubling the rate of loss.

Also note that the increase in Total Dissolved Solids for your added salt (probably around 3500 ppm added) slightly changes the water balance so you'll have to run with a slightly higher (0.1) pH or 22 ppm more Total Alkalinity or 80 ppm more Calcium Hardness.

So, bottom line, if you really like the "feel" of a salt pool, you can add salt to your pool for the same effect.

Yes you can!!! Really!!!

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Q: Can you just add salt to a traditionally chlorinated pool without adding the conversion equipment?
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