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Yes you can just replace the seal they sell a kit some are for each injector other kits are for all injectors these kits are fairly cheap so this is the option i would take.

yes, your local parts store should have or be able to order just the o-rings.

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Q: Can you just replace the fuel injectors o-rings on a Dodge mini van instead of buying new fuel injectors?
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1995 sunfire the injectors fill the cylinders with gas after you changed the O rings on two injectors?

you have bad orings, wrong size, orings or you broke the other injectors or the their orings

Why won't my 1991 Acura Integra LS have fuel coming out of injectors when inserted into motor?

cause you have rubber orings that go on both ends of the injectors you probably need to replace them

How do you replace injectors on a Ford Taurus?

To replace fuel injectors you will nedd to unplug them individually and remove the fuel rail. the fuel rail is held down by 4 bolts- teo on each bank. you only have to remove the two bolts on the bank that you are replacing. if you are replacing injectors on cyl 1, 2 , 3 (back side) you will have to take the upper intake loose and move it for access. if you are replacing cyl 4, 5, 6 you can just take the bolts out of the fuel rail, pull it up, unplug injector and remove it. all that holds it in is orings on the top and bottom. just make sure you lube the orings on the new injectors and snap them in. this has been for the 12 valve. replaacing them on a 24 valve engine is about the same except the upper intake will have to come off for both banks

What are dart orings used for?

They keep your shafts from getting loose, especially metal ones.

Leaking plastic tube fits into intake manifold and into behind belt tensioner 45 degree bend 96 regal 3.8 what is it and how to fix?

This tube is the bypass tube. To replace it, you need to remove the belt tensioner. You can get the tube at any parts place, but make sure you replace the orings for the tensioner to prevent any further leaks.

What makes the speedcable on a 350 Trany leak can this be fixed and how?

remove cable from transmission with turning counter clockwise with pliers next reove bolt. pull gear assembly out replace outer seal and orings reinstall all parts avable at trans shop.

How do you replace the fuel filter in a 1992 Toyota truck?

remove the gas lines on both ends, be careful not to drop your copper orings unless you are installing a new one. then remove the two bolts that have it mounted to the block. and install the new fuel filter and your done.

Can you use vinegar to clean your paintball gun?

No, vinegar is acidic and may melt your orings, and wont clean the gun very much. Use paper towels to wipe off dirt and use any air-tool lubricant on the orings and prevent rust. Water will ruin electronics and may cause rust on certain parts.

How do you replace a water pipe o ring on a 1998 3.0 Plymouth voyager?

ok on the pipe has two orings one goes into the water pimp in male side and one goes in flanged side but to replace flanged side you have to remove waterpump and housing and the male end will have it right there the female end you have to take off the upper and lower intake manifold and outlet pipe to reinstall

Does a Spyder MR1 ever need a replacement spring?

if the main spring gets stretched or damaged. It should not need to be replaced regularly like orings.

How much for orings on 2002 dodge caravan?

That depends on WHICH o rings you're referring to, and whether you just want a price for parts, or for parts and labor.

Im working on a viewloader triad and when you screw in the C02 it goes out the barrel and sometimes into the hopper why does it do this?

One of your o-rings is probably broken, or your valve is damaged. try taking it apart and replacing the orings.

What can you do if a 1995 GMC Sonoma does not start even though it has spark and fuel and air and the fuel injector orings were recently replaced and the battery is fully charged?

I have the same problem, I check theinject spark and fuel on my 1997 GMC sonmoa And it still won't start check all the fuse's, then i check the timing chain and replace, Still no luck . I am hope someone will help us both.

How can I keep a 1999 Dodge 2500 Diesel from dropping fuel pressure sparatically besides replacing the lifter pump and or relay?

if you loose pressure in system, you obviously have a leak. you need to find the fuel leak. make sure fuel filter is seated and sealing correctly,then examine all fuel lines from tank to pump, pump to injectors and pump to tank return line. if you have ever used ether to start the diesel, the ether ruins o rings in the fuel lines.the orings now being made of some inferior material

What is the PVC Box and where is it located on the Volvo S60?

The pcv valve is located under the intake manifold, i just did mine and it took me three hours, first remove the air intake from the throttle body than unplug the fuel injectors and unscrewed the two bolts that hold the fuel rail and move it to the left side of the car "it required alot of pulling and wiggling to get the injectors out of the holes and make sure all the Orings seals come with it also use a ligth coat of motor oil on the Orings seal when puttin' back now remove the intake with a 1/4 inch socket"size 10" remember to remove the 4 top bolt out completely and the 3 bottom ones just loose them out and the bottom far right is a bitch to get to, now you are almost there ! jack up the car and make sure you use a jack stand to secure it before you go under it to remove the last bolt that support the intake " for that you need an 18 inches long extention and a size 12 socket and remove the intake out of your way and PVC is right there you will need a 1/4 inch size 10 socket to get the bolts out specially the right one you may have to look at the new one so you have an idea on the position on the right bolt where is it at.

Installation for hayward motor to pump on swimming pool?

Not aware that Hayward made motors. You need the pump seal, gaskets or orings and the tools to remove and reinstall the motor and the seal. The electrical connections and power need to be removed and or turned off at the circuit breaker.

Is it bad to fire your paintball gun without lubracation?

if you do not lubricate the internal O-rings every so often, especially with spool valve markers, they will ware down will not be a perfect seal and air will escape through wherever the orings were. this can cost efficiency and even stop the gun from working

Will quest plumbing pipe work good with shark bite plumbing fittings?

Yes! I have used these many times for a Quest pipe repair. The cut on the pipe must be de-burred and not have any sharp edges that might damage the Orings of the Sharkbite fitting. Source: Me, a Master Plumber

What would cause oil to leak out of the heavy breather on an 89 springer softtail?

i have an 08 fxdl and my heavy breather leaks out too. people tell me the orings aren't strong enough to keep the oil from leaking due to the amount of heat. its darn annoying if you ask me! I'm coming to the conclusion that its poor design!

How long to put duramax fuel filter?

You can change the filter in about twenty minutes to a half hour. Do this by removing the passenger side inner fender skirt and going in from there with a large filter wrench. Cut a gallon milk container in half and use it underneath as cacth can for the fuel that will be released from the filter. Remove the plug from the bottom first to drain and remove filter. Replace filter and sensor in bottom with the new orings provided with filter. Once installed pump the primer on top as found in owners manual. Be patient pumping, it can take a few minutes. Reinstall wheel well and your done. You will get messy, trust me.

What do you lube your paintball o-rings with?

Really any non aerosol mechanical lubricant. aerosol sprays like WD40 melt orings. If you have a cheap marker like a tippmann of spyder, you can use three and one oil, but for more expensive electro pneumatic markers you should use an actual Paintball lubricant like sl33k or Hater sauce.

Where is the fuel pressure regulator on a 1995 Buick Riviera?

it's plugged into the fuel rail on the back side. If this is a SC coupe, find the PCV valve housing. Look just to the right of it and down beside the housing. You'll see the top of the regulator and it looks like a vacuuum diaphragm. There will be a vacuum line that runs from it to the vacuum block. You can change it yourself but it's a very tight fit and requires a pair if snap-ring pliers to remove the snap-ring holding it onto the fuel rail. One the ring is removed, just pull the regulator straight out. Remember to replace all Orings and seals with new ones.

What could be wrong when the air ride system does not lift up?

diagnose orings on airbags and the bags/pump with a manual everyone should have a shop manual for their vehicle, and the library should have a professional shop manual(wiring diagrams and more detailed info) available in the reference section for FREE....make copies of the right sections, and fix it like a PRO!! good luck Dave :)

Is there a Rubber Oil Plug Gasket available for the Mazda B2200 motor?

No there is not.This truck engine came with a plastic washer on the oil pan drain plug.Go to advance auto parts,auto zone,napa for a package of new orings or washers as they may be labeled near the oil filters in most stores.I use plastic for mine and hand tighten with no issues after 22 years of ownership.

In paintball you tried using reballs but they just fall out of the gun and the gun wont recock itself like you had no air but you do What is the problem and how do you fix?

Most likely a bad battery. Change it for a brand new one (not rechargeable). If that does not fix it take it apart and clean it fully, make sure to check ALL of your orings. If the problem continues, take it to a pro shop, it probably wont cost more then $20 for whatever parts you need.