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You could, but there is no gaurantee that they will survive long. Tetras like their water to be around 70-72 degrees and all fish love a filter. It keeps you from having to clean the take so often and the fish live longer. They do make heaters and filters specifically for fish bowls between 2 and 5 gallons. White cloud mountain minnows are probably the best fish that you could keep in a bowl without a filter or heater.

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Q: Can you keep neon tetras in a three gallon fish bowl without a heater or filter?
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Can you keep neon tetras in a 1 gallon tank without a heater or filter im only doing it for like a week while i get them a ten gallon tank?

not without a filter but with a filter yes they should be fine, (i asked the place i bought my tetras from while i was there) heater is not nessicary if you live in a temp regulated room.

Can I fit five neon tetras two Cory cats and three guppies in my ten gallon fish tank with a heater and filter?

Yes you can, just remember to do water changes periodically and change your filter media.

Can 4 guppies and 2 neon tetras go in a 2 gallon tank?

Yes, since Guppies and Neon Tetras are small fish (and stay small), there should be no problem with them living comfortably in a 2 gallon tank. You should add a little filter and air bubble combo to keep the water clean and aerated. Since these are tropical fish, you should also add a small heater and a thermometer. Goldfish do not need a heater but tropical fish do.

How many neon tetras can you fit in a fishbowl?

The fish bowl must be at least 1 gallon. You can fit 3-5 tetras in there. However, if you put them in a fish tank with a filter, they will live longer and will be healthier.

How many neon tetras can you fit in a ten gallon tank?


How many Neon Tetras with a Betta in 4 gallon Aquarium?

You should only have 1 fish per gallon of water in a fish tank. I wouldn't put more than 2 or 3 Neon Tetras in a 4 gallon aquarium with 1 Betta.

Will red eyed tetras eat neon tetras?

red eyed tetra will not eat neons, i have had neon tetras and red eyed tetras in the same tank without problems

Will 3 guppies and 3 neon tetras do well in a 10 gallon tank or do you need more tetras?

That is fine. You might consider getting some corydoras catfish.

Can bleeding heart tetras and cardinal tetras live peacfully with a male betta?

Yes provided the tank is large enough and properly maintained with a good filter and weekly water changes of 50%. To avoid problems from overstocking, you will need at least 1 gallon of water for each 1 inch of fish length.

What species of fish can live in a five gallon tank?

Smaller tropical fish such as a beta, smaller tetras, danios, or a few mollies or platies. Rosy and cloud minnows can be kept in here without the need for a heater. Under no circumstances should you put a goldfish in there, they need at least twice this size for just one.

How many small fish can you have in a five gallon tank?

Small fish include guppies, danios, neon tetras, cardinal tetras, harlequin fish, gouramis, cories, platys, and small goldfish. About ten fish can live in a five gallon tank.

30 gallon aquarium with 2 mollies 2 platies 2 otocinclus and 3 red minor tetras all about full grown how many neon tetras could you get?

You would probably be fine with 5-10 neon tetras.

Can two tetras live in a bowl?

No fish can live successfully in a bowl. Far better you either throw the bowl away or use it as a vase. If you really want to keep fish get a reasonable sized aquarium to keep your fish in. There is a basic rule that all successfull fish keepers use and that rule is "1 inch of fish needs a minimum of 1 gallon of water" For you to keep 2 Tetras successfully you would need at least a nominal 5 gallon tank with a heater/thermostat (set at 75F), thermometer, Cycled filter, coverglass, Lights, gravel, and live plants.

Could you keep 3 red cherry shrimp 3 male guppies and 5 neon tetras in a ten gallon tank with 3 live plants a heater an ornament and a sponge filter?

Yes. If you keep up with small weekly water changes (about 25% of the tank's volume), then you should be quite alright. Having a planted tank helps filter out some of the toxins produced by fish waste so that helps. I'm also assuming you have the minimum acceptable filter capacity.

How many neon tetras can live in a 2.5 gallon tank together?

nobody knows ask N.A.S.A

What kind of fish is best for a 5 gallon tank?

You could keep a school of 5 to 7 neon tetras and two otto fish in a five gallon

What kind of fish go good together in a ten gallon tank?

Oh several you could have zebra danios.guppies.platys,mollies,neon tetras,glowlight tetras and most peaceful small fish.

How do you safly care for 4 neon tetras in a 5 gallon tank?

they are fast fish feed them flakes or blood worms watch out for the filter they get sucked in easily Oh ok and are there any special cleaning techeneces i should use?

Can blue gouramis live with tetras?

Yes Gouramis and Tetras are usually OK together. Just keep in mind that 1 inch of fish needs 1 gallon of water when adding more fish.

Math problem for ratio?

In a 40-gallon aquarium, there are 21 neon tetras and 7 zebra danio fish. Write the ratio of neon tetras to zebra danio fish in simplest form.

Male Betta with Red eyed tetras in 29 Gallon?

Provided you don't overstock there is no reason why not. 1 inch of fish needs at least 1 gallon of water. :- Every tank needs a permanently running cycled filter. :- Every tank must have at least 50% of its water replaced every week.

What other fish can live with a red eye tetra?

Provided your tank is large enough (1 inch of fish needs a minimum of 1 gallon of water) and is set up properly with heater, filter, gravel, plants, and lights you can add many different kinds of fish from many species including other Tetras, Barbs, Gouramies, Danios, Dwarf Cichlids etc etc.

Can a keep a couple of neon tetras in a 1.5 gallon tank or would that be too small of an area?

The rule of thumb is to keep no more than 1" of fish per gallon.

What are some good long living fresh water fish for a 20 gallon tank?

Betta fish, guppies, tetras.

What fish do well in a 36 gallon tank?

You could have a school of neon tetras (approx 6), or 1 fancy goldfish