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It depends upon how "leave home" is defined and what sort of custodial rights each parent has. A parent can give temporary custody (3 months or less) of their minor child/children. to another qualified adult. There are however, several guidelines that must be followed to assure that state social services will not find it necessary to intervene. Other than the above mentioned situation a parent cannot simply tell the minor child it is alright to go out on their own. Parents are financially and legally responsible for their child/children until they reach the state age of majority or until a court of law rules otherwise.

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Q: Can you leave home at 15 with permission from one parent?
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In Alabama can a 18 year old male leave home without permission and not go to jail?

In Alabama, an 18 year old male cannot leave home without permission and not go to jail. One has to be at least 19 years old to leave home without permission.

Can one parent take a child out of state from Teaxs without the other parent's permission?

No, you will need the other parents and the courts permission.

Can a 14 year old move from one parent to another parent home?

They certainly can if they have permission from their parents. Otherwise, they will have to wait until they turn 18 or there is a court order.

Can an 18 year old high school student leave campus without parent permission?

No because what if something happened to you? No one would know where you are or were.

What should a notarized permission letter to take a child out of the country with one parent say?

What should a notarized permission letter to take a child out of the country with one parent say?

Can you leave home with your dad at 13?

If he is the one with primary custody or there's an agreement with your other parent, yes.

Can one parent send their child out of state without the other parent's permission?

Provided it does not to live there.

If parents have joint custody can a 16 yr old boy live where he wants to liveif one parent gives permission?

Only with the permission of the other parent.

Is it legal for a 17-year-old to marry a 26-year-old with a parent's permission?

By 'a parent's permission' do you mean that you only have *one* of your parents permission? If that's the case then it depends on where you live. In many states, if the parents have equal custody then the permission of *both* is required.

Does the non-custodial parent need permission to leave the country?

By law, you must both go up to the location where they will issue a passport and both parents must sign a statement saying it is okay. If you have documentation that shows you are the custodial parent, you can have your child "red flagged" with the government and this way if he were to try to get a passport for your child they would have to notify you and then you can stop it. In the US the non-custodial parent can leave if they choose, they cannot however take a minor child with them unless a court rules otherwise. • This depends on your custody agreement, but I'm fairly certain a non-custodial parent needs permission. Just like a custodial parent will need permission depending on what the custody agreement states. I do know, however, that a custodial parent can get a passport without the permission of the non-custodial parent if he/she meets certain requirements. is that parent's name the only one on the birth cirtificate? Does that parent have sole LEGAL custody?

Can a SIXTEEN year old leave one parents home to live with the other parent?

Not if the court has declared one the custodial parent. Until they reach adulthood, normally 18, they live where they are told to.

How can you draft a letter to the school principal asking for one week permission for our son as he is visiting his parent to Oman?

How can you draft a letter to the school principal asking for one week permission for our son as he is visiting his parent to Oman?

In Mississippi can an 18 year old who is still in high school legally leave their parents home?

It depends on what you're asking: # Sure, it is legal for an 18 year old to leave his parents (at) home if he doesn't want them to go (presumably, to high school) with him. # Sure, it is legal to leave the parents' (or parent's) home [home of one's parent(s)] unless that 18 year old is on house arrest.

What planning permission do you need to build your own home?

There are many types of planning permission one must get to build their own home. To build their own home, one must receive permission from the chief planning officer.

Can one parent take the child out of the state without the other parent's permission when there is no custody established?

Yes because now the permission of the other parent is not obligatory. At the most the parent which has custody of the child may require declaration before the court and seek permission for signing on VISA without obtaining the signature of the other parent.

If you leave one parent and go live with the other can you get your things from the other parent?

depends on the other parent and the one your going to live with

If divorced parents have joint legal custody can one parent give permission for their adolescent to go to mental health counseling without the other parent's permission?

With joint legal, one is still primary and thus has the authority to do so, but not without first discussing it with the other parent.

What age can you leave home in NC?

Legally, in North Carolina, you cannot leave your parent's home until you reach your majority (at age 18). Although, it is true that in some counties in North Carolina, the police will not make you return to your parent's home if you are age 17 and one half years old. (No, I will not name the counties where this holds true.)

Can a parent get custody of a child when that parent leaves the home and the child?

Yes, if the relationship breaks down and one leave they still have a chance for custody depending on the circumstances and how long they are gone etc.

If you have joint custody can one parent get a travelling visa out of the county for the child without the other parent's permission?

no, even if you have sole custody

If parents have joint custody can one parent move out of state without permission from the other parent with the children?

No, it can be considered contempt of court.

Can you loose custody of your kids if you move from one coast to the other one?

If without the permission of the parent or the courts.

Which one is more appropriate- shall i leave or should i leave?

They have different expressions. 'Shall I leave' is a permission where as "Should I leave" is an hesitating denial to leave that particular person.

Do you need to give permission for your parents to take your child abroad?

Yes... this also applies to one parent taking a child abroad. For example, the Mother wants to leave a few days ahead of the Father to get a jump start on a school holiday, the Father must give written permission for the minor child to leave the USA without him. As the grandparents... both parent must give written permission. It is also a good idea to have them carry a medical intent letter, just in case of emergancy, and a copy of the child medical insurance. Hope this helps.

Can a teenager move out of one parents house to another parents house at sixteen?

you can leave home (with parents permission) at 16 so you probably can move to your other parents house. (If you wait one year then you can leave and get your own house).

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