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Can you leave raw meat wrapped in tin foil on the counter?


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Meat - no matter how it is wrapped or unwrapped - should not be left on the counter to thaw.

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I wrapped the meat in tin foil.

Cooked meat could be left on the counter, but for no more than 1 or 2 hours.

Fresh meat that is frozen can be stored in the fridge for up to one year. Vacuum packed meat will last longer than meat wrapped in foil.

an animal is killed at the slaughterhousethe carcase is cut up and cleanedthe carcase is hung and agedthe aged carcase is butchered separating various muscles into cuts of meatthe meat is gassed with carbon monoxide to turn it bright redthe meat is wrapped in plastic for salethe wrapped meat is placed in the grocery store meat counter

foil keeps things either hot OR cold by reflecting heat -- either from the meat, or from the air around the foil. In other words, the foil slows the transfer of radiant heat.

You can safely leave meat unrefrigerated for about two hours. Never leave meat out longer than that.

I have never seen foil turn any meat green.

A few hours. As long as the meat is thawing it will be fine to leave it out. If you put it in warm water it will thaw quicker. As the water cools replace it with warm water. The meat will thaw 65% faster this way. Happy cooking :)

plastic wrap is personally choice, place meat in plastic,wrap with foil if freezing

Wrap it in aluminom foil and put it in the freezer

Two hours max. At that point, the meat should be re-heated or refrigerated. Less time is better, and if the 'room temperature' is very warm, make that only 1 hour.

No. Ground meat in particular is dangerous to leave at room temperature. Any bacteria that were on the surface of the meat have been ground up and are now inside the meat. Leaving it at room temperature has permitted growth of bacteria.

It can, but the turkey will probably not be very tasty. By wrapping the bird in foil, you will end up steaming it instead of roasting it; the latter method, which involves exposing the turkey to the direct heat of the oven, will bring out the most flavor in the meat. Some people put a "tent" of aluminum foil over the bird for the first hour or so of cooking, to prevent the skin from becoming too dark. In addition, you can use foil to line the roasting pan to keep it clean.

A baked potato is generally wrapped in aluminum foil and baked in an oven. Then it is slit open and various toppings are put on. The toppings can be chile, ground meat, sour cream, shrimp, tomatoes, and many other things.

Place it in or cover with cooking foil

Uncooked meat will go bad anytime you leave it 'out'.

Leave the meat in the frige for one day.

For freezing, it's best to use plastic wrap or freezer wrap. You can also use zip-lock baggies. Tin foil works in certain instances but you would want to use the meat sooner than if it was wrapped in plastic or freezer wrap.

If it's frozen solid, either leave it in the fridge for 24 hours, use a microwave, or run cold water over it. Do not leave it out on the counter or thaw it under warm water because you run the risk of bacterial growth and contamination.

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Meat or fish wrapped in the Luau leaf and steamed

About 4 hour is the most however I would not leave out for that long for bacteria can start growing if you don't have your surface cleaned very well

With no meat, a couple days, with meat, couple hours.

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