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NO! DO NOT LEAVE THE USA! It hapenned to me. I applied for her residency BEFORE leaving and was told that with our marriage license we would be able to return to the USA without any problems. WRONG! I had to eventually sneek her through Canada to get her in and it is not that easy anymore. She must have a Re-Entry Permit BEFORE she leaves! If you need to discuss this further: ==New Answer== He isn't saying that she is in the USA n wants to leave n return; he is saying that he wants to leave and go to her country to marry her and bring her back with him. So, he could go to her country and check with the US Consulate there and see if they will do a DCF for them after they marry n if they do, then he will b able to bring her back with him. Consulates are authorized to do DCF's but a lot of them don't like to do them anymore, so it ibest to check first.

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Q: Can you leave the US to get married to your girlfriend who is not a citizen and then return to the US with her?
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Will the narcissist leave his new girlfriend and return to ex wife?

No, but, he will likely dump the girlfriend in time and move on to another victim. Trust me.

Your girlfriend loves you but wont leave her husband why?

Because you shouldn't be dating a married woman.

As a us citizen do you need a passport to return to us from Canada?

I am pretty sure in order to leave or return the US you must have a passport, as of the first of the year.

Can a British citizen leave the US after ninety days and then return to the US?

Yes, as long as the British citizen has not committed a crime or is otherwise ineligible for entry into the US.

Can a citizen of England leave England oweing council tax?

Yes they can - BUT - the debt will remain on file and they will be persued for it on their return.

You are an illegal alien and you are married to a US citizen and you have a child if you apply to be a resident how long do you have to leave the country?

your a weirdo

Can a US citizen on a UK visitor visa get married to a UK citizen in the UK?

You have to leave the country and file for marriage or leave the country and apply for a fiance visa, you cannot change the status of your visit while you are in the country.

What to do if your best friend loves you and you love him but you married and he has a girlfriend but your husband cheated on you and his girlfriend cheated on him and that brought you closer to him?

Yooh leave yoohr husband and he leave his gf cause they both cheated on yall!!!!!!!

What papers do you get as soon as you get married to a us citizen as an illegal alien?

NONE. Marriage to a US citizen does not in any way automatically confer any change in immigration status. Your US Citizen spouse can now petition to have your immigration status changed, but you will almost certainly have to leave the country and return to your home country to pick up the new visa, and, depending on the case, you may NOT be allowed to return to the US for up to 10 years.

If your girlfriend's visa expires in two years will she still have to leave the country if you decide to get married or does she automatically get to stay in the country?

She unfortunately will still have to leave the country. She will have to apply for Permanent Residency. Being married does give her a better chance of becoming a PR but as long as she is not a citizen, she will have to leave the country every 6 months.

If you have been asked to leave the country but you just got married a us citizen can you still file for green card?

you can leave the country but no more than 6 months

Can you get married to a US citizen if you are an illegal alien?

Your best option would be to leave the country, apply for a marriage visa, re-enter legally on the marriage visa and then get married.

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