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Can you leave the US to get married to your girlfriend who is not a citizen and then return to the US with her?

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2006-12-08 05:46:16

NO! DO NOT LEAVE THE USA! It hapenned to me. I applied for her

residency BEFORE leaving and was told that with our marriage

license we would be able to return to the USA without any problems.

WRONG! I had to eventually sneek her through Canada to get her in

and it is not that easy anymore. She must have a Re-Entry Permit

BEFORE she leaves! If you need to discuss this further: ==New Answer== He isn't saying

that she is in the USA n wants to leave n return; he is saying that

he wants to leave and go to her country to marry her and bring her

back with him. So, he could go to her country and check with the US

Consulate there and see if they will do a DCF for them after they

marry n if they do, then he will b able to bring her back with him.

Consulates are authorized to do DCF's but a lot of them don't like

to do them anymore, so it ibest to check first.

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