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Try a meat only diet such as Atkins or the Dukan diet. This involves eating purely meat and fats. A fat fast can provide incredibly fast weight loss but isn't safe and is incredibly boring in the long term. To shift 7 pounds every week you will need to create a huge calorie deficit. The purely meat diet will keep you satisfied and won't create hunger pangs but won't burn fat any faster so you need to ensure you are eating a low cal diet. The less calories you eat during the meat diet the better.

For every pound you wish to lose you need to burn 3500 calories.

This works out as 24,500 cals a week or 3500 a day. If you factor in about 700 cals from your food you will then need to burn 4200 cals a day.

You will need to calculate your BMR or basal metabolic rate first. Figure will be the amount of calories you use per day just to keep your body ticking over and doesn't include calories used during exercise.

My BMR is 2000 a day. Therefore I'd need to burn an additional 2200 a day to burn a pound off. Keep in mind that as your weight drops your BMR will also drop so you will need to burn more calories through your workouts.

Use a tool that gives exact calories burned per day to reach your target. For me, 60 minutes of Walking at 4.5 mph (13 min/mile) I burn 581 cals. If I therefore do this for 4 hours a day I'll burn 2324 cals.

2000 (BMR) + 2324 (activity) = 4324 cals a day.

4324 - 3500 = 824 cals left over for food.

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Q: Can you lose 7 pounds every week and if so how can you do it without pills?
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