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of course you can. if you have what it takes!

good luck!!


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To make your husband love you means you have to love yourself first.

love him in the way he like it and dot do bad for him

You can't trust your husband after that. If he did it once and fell in love with his mistress, he's capable of doing it again. Get a divorce and move on.

no! what is your husband doing to make you want to leave!

First thing is NOT to tell him,(IF YOU LOVE HIM)... Start living your life the right way, and let your husband be the center of your relationship... if you can't do that then you need to move on before you cheat again, and you will... Make up your mind.. what most important to you

because love is the key to friendship and friendship make lifetime romance

LOve can't be forced. sorry to break it to you but you can't make yourself fall in love with someone.

Once again not all married women do sleep with another man. The only way that a married woman can have this path is when her husband is to busy to give her attention. Or she wasn't appreciated enough by her husband. Lots of reason but always has something to do with the husband..

Absence makes the heart grow fonder. Me and my wife were on the verge of divorce when i left for Iraq i get back and things have turned around i couldn't love her more. Remind him why he fell for you in the first place.

In order for your husband to love toot forever u may have to show him your not afraid to do what it takes to keep him and you wouldn't have to prove that

yes she did love her husband she wa smadly in love with him.

let's get real here. Its not your authority to make your man care about you. This means he does not love you anymore if you have to force him to care of love you once again. The love to another comes from the heart.

She was eager to make love with her husband after reading an erotic novel.

i don't think you can. my mom's fiancee did that 2 me & i'll never love him again!!

You can't "make" anyone fall in love with you, with or without sex. But perhaps you should be a little more realistic: if your husband has truly done something so heinous as to justify your withholding sex, you're probably better off without him, and he's probably better off without you.

Not necessarily, but ask him try to learn what face he makes when he is lying or how he says something when he is lying etc.

ANSWER:The only person that can answer you, is him your husband. What you must do is make time to talk to him and this is very important if you want your marriage to work..

if your husband is not good to you then he doesnt deserve to be with you, even if you still love him. your love for him may make it a temptation for you to stay with him but you dont want to leave yourself in a dangerous situation or an unhappy marriage

he remembers the sweet memories and it also makes it sweeter when makin love.

Yes. IT is normal for a cat to love your husband

Well first you should marry your husband for love in the first place.

your husband your love = votre mari votre amour

Yes, for some ex husbands it is possible for an ex wife to fall in love with her husband or, she may have never stopped loving him.

Dedicate yourself to making your husband happy. Unless he is a loser, he will respond by dedicating himself to making you happy, and that's about the best a marriage can be!

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