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I do not know if you can marry someone at the Canadian embassy. I doubt it. Why would you want to? Why would you need to? A marriage that is legally performed anywhere in the United States is considered a legal marriage by the Canadian government and courts. Therefore, there is no reason to marry at the embassy. For information on how you get permanent resident status, you should consult the website of Citizenship and Immigration Canada: Unless of course if you are gay and lesbian and live somewhere in the US other than Massachusetts....

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Q: Can you marry a Canadian citizen who lives in the U.S. at the Canadian embassy and how fast can you obtain the permanent resident visa to Canada?
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For how long can a Canadian Permanent Resident stay in Fiji?

A permanent resident of any other country whose still carrying a Fiji Passport can enter Fiji and stay in Fiji for as long as they want since "it" is still a Fijian citizen. Permanent Residents whose holding other countries password can stay in Fiji for a period of 3months and can be extended at any Immigration Office in Suva, or Lautoka. A permanent resident shall carry its identity cards with them at all times as Fiji customs require such thing for identification. Failure to show a "Permanent Residence Card" will have the traveller removed and isolated for questionning. The American Embassy is always noted on such matter as Fiji dont have a Canadian Embassy.

Can an overstaying tourist here in the US apply for adjustment of status?

No. Unless you have gotten married to an American citizen or permanent resident. If married to a permanent resident you will probably have to return to your home country first and contact the US embassy there. The alternative is to wait on immigration reform.

You are a Canadian citizen living in the US where do you go to obtain a Canadian passport?

Nearest Canadian embassy or High Commission.

Can a UK citizen live in Canada?

Yes a UK citizen can live anywhere. He should have a Visa for it which he will get after applying to the Canadian Embassy.

Can a permanent US resident travel to Czech Republic without a visa?

ttly agree at the bottom..pasports :):):) It would depend on what passport you hold. Just because you are a permanent resident does not mean you are a citizen. To find out visa requirements for the passport you hold, please contact your local Czech Republic Consulate or Embassy for the latest details.

Let's say that a Canadian woman gets married in Nigeria to a man there and they want to live in Canada together what should they do?

The best thing even if it not necessary is to get your marriage license validated, that is a seal (stamp) from the Canadian Embassy/Consulate in Nigeria. Anyway a valid marriage license will be enough, then the Canadian resident should be able to sponsor his/her spouse to get a permanent resident visa to live in Canada. Check The Canadian immigration websites.

What are the visa requirements for a Canadian permanent resident to visit Mexico?

According to the Mexican Embassy in Canada website, landed immigrants of Canada do not require a visa.Ref."The Embassy of Mexico in Canada informs the public that Canadian nationals and permanent residents of Canada still do not require a visa to enter Mexico, with the exception of Canadian citizens carrying diplomatic or official passports.Canadian nationals must present a valid passport to prove their nationality. Mexican authorities do not require a minimum period of validity of passports; nevertheless, this document must be valid at the time of entry and during the period you wish to be in Mexico.Permanent residents of Canada must present their Permanent Resident Card and one of the following documents: valid Passport or Refugee Travel Document."

Can a Canadian citizen married to a US citizen get dual citizenship for their children born in the US?

Yes, they can. You just need to do the paper works at the nearest Canadian embassy or consulate general. Your children will then receive wallet-sized card which is their certificate of Canadian citizenship.

What is the easiest way to immigrate to Canada from Pakistan?

Have a job offer from a legitimate Canadian company, but the job offer needs to be approved by the government before anything happens.After that marrying a person who is a permanent resident or citizen of Canada. Again, you may be invited for interviews to determine whether the marriage is legitimate or not.

Can you get a visa to Russia while in Kiev Ukraine as a US Citizen?

An American in Ukraine can get a visa to Russia ONLY if he or she is a permanent resident of Ukraine. People in Ukraine as tourists or for short-term business must acquire visas from the Russian Embassy or consulates in the USA. This is inconvenient, but it is the rule.

I came to Canada from USA to work as a student last summer 2008. From my observations I like to stay in Canada if I will get a resident permanent. Now how could I apply ?

Check out this website for information. You can also contact a canadian embassy and speak with them

Can a Zimbabwean citizen apply for a US visa in South Africa?

Only if you have a resident permit to live in South Africa. Other than that, no, because there is a US embassy in Harare, Zimbabwe.

If i married with a canadian and i live at cambodia so i must go to interview at embassy or not?

If you married a Canadian and you live at Cambodia, you must go for an interview at the embassy.

What is information about Canadian work visa?

Contact your local Canadian consulate or embassy.

What if your father is candadian mother is usa citizen you are Canadian can you get dual citizenship?

Yes, you can. Contact the nearest US embassy or consulate general to see what exactly should you do to make it official.

How can citizenship be forfeited?

By renouncing your citizenship before a US embassy/ US consulate official. The US will not accept a renounciation if the government believes the renounciation was specifically performed so that the person can avoid paying income taxes (a US citizen/permanent resident is taxed on all WORLDWIDE income). If the government believes the renounciation was done to avoid taxes, the IRS will still tax you as if you were a citizen for 10 years after the renounciation.

How can a non us resident get a passport?

apply at the usa embassy in there country

You were born in Canada you took out US citizenship in 1972 at the age of 17 Does Canada still recognize you as a Canadian Citizen?

yes The only way you can lose your Canadian citizenship is if it is revoked because it was obtain fraudulently, or if you renounce it formally in front of witnesses at a Canadian government office such as an embassy.

Does an illegal alien from hondura become a legal resident by marrying a US citizen?

If there was illegal entry, then no, marriage doesnt make you a legal resident. You would need to file a 130 petition along with a I-601 waiver at the U.S. embassy/consulate in HONDURAS, and you would be required to appear there. If you had legal entry, then it would be possible to get legal residency through marriage to a citizen.

Who do you contact about entering Canada?

The Canadian embassy were you live

You are US citizens and married a Canadian your wife gave birth in Canada is the child a US or Canadian citizen?

The child is entitled to both nationalities. Contact the nearest US embassy or consulate general and apply for a certificate of registration of birth abroad.

phone no of canada embassy in nj ?

Canada does not have a state-to-state embassy. The Canadian Embassy is in Washington, D.C. and the phone number is: (202) 682-1740

Do both parents need to be American citizens for their child to be a citizen?

No, to be born an American citizen you have to be born on American soil. Such as America or an American embassy. I believe that you only have to have one parent from the country in order to access some kind of resident visa and or long term citizenship.

Where can German citizen address their complaints?

The local German embassy.

Where can a person get passport forms in UK?

If you are a UK citizen - from the Passport Office. If you are a non-UK citizen - from your embassy.