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In the state of Missouri you CAN move out at 17 you are considered an adult!, and the juvenile court stated you can move out of state as long as you make sure the laws there are ok with it as well i am from Missouri i have 3 months till i turn 18 and i am moving out . so yes you can move out at 17 in Missouri

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โˆ™ 2011-09-12 15:37:53
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Q: Can you move out at 17 in the state of Missouri and move to Washington state?
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Does a pregnant 17 yr old have the right to move out in the state of Missouri?

Yes you can move out at 17 in Missouri.

How do you move out at 17 in Washington state?

Pack your bags and GTFO!

Can you move out legally in the state of Missouri at the age of 17?

Yes, if you have parental consent.

Is it legal to move out at 17 in the state of Missouri?

Only if you are emancipated or have your parent's permission

Can you move out of state at 17 in Missouri?

Not in Missouri, until you are an adult, the parents are responsible for you. That would be 18 and until then they determine where you live.

Can a 17 year old move out her parents house and move in with her 18year old boyfriend in the state of Missouri?


Can a 17 yr old move out of state in Missouri without parental consent?

No, they cannot move without permission in Missouri. Either the parents have to consent or there must be a court order.

You are 17 and in foster care in Missouri can you move out at 17 and a half?


What do i have to do to move out at 17yrs old in Missouri?

You cannot move out on your own at the age of 17. The age of emancipation in your state (MO) is 18 years of age.

What age can a minor move out of state without parents permission in Missouri legally?

I think you have to be 17 years old.

In Missouri if you are a female and are 17 can you move out without your parents consent?

The legal age of consent in Missouri is 17 - so I would say you can move out whenever you want to.

How can a 17-year-old female get emancipated in the state of Missouri?

There is no emancipation statute in the state of Missouri.

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