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Emancipation and Ages for Moving Out

Can you move out at the age of 16 in Ohio if you have a job and do you have to become legally emancipated?


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No, the legal age of majority in Ohio is 18. The state does not have grounds or procedures for such action, therefore it is not possible for a person to file a petition requesting an emancipation decree.

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You can be emancipated in most states and countries by the age of 16.

Not unless you are legally emancipated.

no, you must become legally emancipated or else your parents can report you as a runaway and you will get sent to juvie.

if they have been legally emancipated by the court or through marriage, yes. Otherwise they can only move out with parental permission but will not be emancipated then.

Children who are financially able to provide for themselves can legally become emancipated minors.

If i become emancipated at 17 can I move in with a friend who is 22?

Get emancipated by the court.

Yes, if she is emancipated by a court or if her parents give her permission. Otherwise, she is a runaway.

No, you need to be 18 or emancipated to legally move out. Or have your parent's permission.

Yes, you are an adult and emancipated by 18. Being blind does not change that.

no. you should be 18, but if you are emancipated by 16 you can.

As long as you are emancipated, you can move in. When you become emancipated it means, even though age wise you are not, legally you are an adult. You can sign contracts and make all the decisions, and deal with the responsibilities of, being an adult.

Yes when you get emancipated, turn 18 or with parents permission.

If your parents consent, you can move out. Otherwise you must be emancipated or reach the age of majority to legally leave home.

You have to be 18 years old in order to move out in Arkansas. The only way that a minor can legally move out on their own is to become emancipated. However, you would need a valid reason for a court to approve this.

18, unless you have parental consent or have been legally emancipated.

you really can't unless you are legally emancipated.. sorry.

Yes, but depending on where you live only if you're legally emancipated.

Having a child does not emancipate you. You must still be 18 or legally emancipated to move out.

I think its whenever you legally become an adult, which is seventeen in Louisiana (and since i live in Louisiana i know this) but if you become emancipated from your legal guardian(s) then you are already a legal adult so you could move out.

Emancipated minors are considered legally independent. An emancipated minor may move out of state without parental consent and live on their own without adult household members.

You either have parental consent to move, is emancipated by the court (if your state have that option), emancipated through marriage or is emancipated by turning 18.

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