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With over 2,250 tractor units it would be impractical to list them all.

I know 2!Mavis Cynthia


'Maddison Syke'


Dawn Ann

I know some more. Seen in the Peterborough area

Beverley Ann

Elodie Jane

Maisie Ellen


I Know 23 !!Seen them in the penrith area and cumbria !

Karen Roberta


Nancy Sylvie


Jessica Jane

Laura Cecilia



Tanya Mai



Amelia Esme


Grace Alice

Caroline Rachel

Alisson Jane

Leanne Rose Nicole

Catherine Joyce

Rebecca Phoebe



Bethany Bella

Chainy Dae

Carol Anne

Love Em And I'll Hopefully Find More !

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Q: Can you name all the Eddie Stobart lorries?
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