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Can you own a car if have a civil debt?

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If someone has a civil judgment against you, it is possible that your assets may be ats risk. However, the laws of most states also protect a portion of your assets. The types an amounts of property that you can protect from a judgment creditor will vary be state. However, it is usually not very cost effective for a judgment creditor to go after the debtor's car. Having a civil judgment on your credit history will make it more difficult for you to get a car loan. It will be difficult, but not impossible.

2006-07-16 13:11:38
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Can a bank repossess a paid for car for other credit debt i own the car but i owe a lot of other debt?

The bank doesn't own the car. Unless you used it as an asset, or collateral for a loan from them, they should have no hold on that.

In WA state how do you get title to a car after Statute of Limitations expires on bad debt?

I'm fairly certain that there is no SOL on contractural civil debt.

If you have a judgment lien can your car be repossessed?

If it's the owner of your car loan and you defaulted then the car can be repossessed. If you have a judgment against you for any other debt then yes, if you own a car it may be seized by your creditor to cover the cost of your debt.

If you had a car loan that included a 4000 credit card debt and the car was repossessed and there is a 13000 deficiency do you have to pay the full amount or do you have any recourse?

Yes, you still own the debt.

What can happen to your debt after your car is repossessed?

Your debt is then written off as the car covers the cost of the debt.

Can you be arrested when entering the US if you have outstanding debt?

No. Outstanding debt is a civil matter, not criminal. You can not be arrested for a civil matter.

Can you get a car of your own and be a co-signer?

The act of co-signing involves a promise to pay another person's debt. You can't be your own co-signer.

Is statute of limitations ten years?

That will depend on what you are talking about. Each jurisdiction sets their own time frames and they vary from civil, criminal and debt.

If a creditor garnishes wages for debt can they take your car?

If the debt is on the car, or the car was used as collateral for the loan, YES they can repossess the vehicle!

Can a car be taken to pay off credit card debt?

Yes. A car can be taken for a credit card debt if the creditor sues you in court, is successful and obtains a judgment lien. The creditor can use that judgment lien to take any property you own including your home and your car and your bank account.

Can your car be repossessed if you hold the title?

Yes, if you took a loan out and used your car as collaterol, then it can be taken away. If you own the title free and clear, then it cannot be taken from you. Only if you owe money on it or the previous owner owes money on it. If the previous owner has an outstanding debt on the car and sells it to you without you knowing about the debt then the car can still be repo'd.

After the civil war what happened to farmers debt?

After the Civil War, the farmers debt increased. The reason for this is because the crop prices went way too low.

Was the south in debt after the civil war?

Big time

What political problems did the US have after the civil war?


Do you own your car if it is charged off?

No. The term "charge off" simply indicates that the creditor has decided to pursue other methods of collecting the debt owed. That could mean the debt will be sold to another party, the creditor could file a civil suit to collect the debt or other actions. Debts that are "charged off" remain valid and subject to collection unless they have been rendered invalid by the statute of limitations as determined under the laws of the debtor's state.

Do I inherit a debt if the car I bought had a lien on it?

It is illegal to sell a car with a lien on it. If it has a lien you will not be able to register the car in your name. The loan must be paid off and the lien released before you can actually own the car. You may have just got scammed.

How can you keep a collection agency from taking your car?

Pay off your debt.Pay off your debt.Pay off your debt.Pay off your debt.

What is considered a solely incurred debt?

if i need a car and i am in bankruptucy how can i get a letter of incurred debt

Where can one find debt consolidation online for car debt?

An online debt consolidation for car debt can be found at official bank websites such as Wells Fargo, BB&T, and U.S. Bank. More information can be found once you go there.

What happens if you have no insurance and you totaled your car?

you will have to pay a debt and GET CAR INSURANCE

Is it illegal to sell a car with finance on the car?

No, but you must first secure the permission of the agency that holds the official title for that vehicle. They are the ones that "own" it ... you do not own the car until your debt has been settled with the lending agency, therefore, it is not "yours" to sell. What usually happens is that the prospective buyer will have to secure their own financing in order to purchase the car from the title holder. If paying cash, they will pay the lending institution, not you.

Can a debt collector put a lien on your car if it is registered to your spouse?

No, if it is your debt only and your name is not on the car. Unless you used the car for collateral for a loan, they can't put a "lien" on it anyway.

Can they put you in jail if you fail to pay your debt in credit card?

No. Non payment of debt is a civil matter not a criminal one.

Who owns your car?

I own my own car.

What is it called when you own someone money?