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yes, if your dog has fleas

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Q: Can you pick up fleas from a dog?
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How do you remove fleas from a dog?

bath them good and pick the fleas off or get them a flea collar or something else that keeps fleas away.

Can sugar gliders get fleas?

Due to their fur type, it is unlikely that they will get fleas. However, if you have a cat or dog with fleas, the fleas can end up on the sugar glider.

What is a dog fleas habitat?

A dog fleas habitat is the dog itself.

Can a house dog get fleas?

yes, a house dog could get fleas...of course you go outside and walk around, your shoes touch the ground and your clothing picks up many things. When you get home, fleas can be on what your wearing and transferr to your dog. Also when you like your dog outside, you dog can catch fleas as well.

How do you get rid of ticks and fleas on your dog?

If you find a tick on your dog/cat, you should light a match, blow it out, then touch the tick with the blown out match, that way it will let go of your dog's skin. Then you can pick it up with a tissue. After that, bathe the dog in a flea and tick shampoo.

How many fleas can a dog have?

a dog can have like a lot of fleas. more than 1000.

Should your dog be around another dog with fleas?

If you dog does not have any protection for fleas, no. There are products that are very good for the protection of fleas. Advantage is a good one.

How do you check your dog for fleas?

You can do it by simply opening a part of dog's coat and search for fleas. There are available shampoos to cure fleas on dogs. So instead of picking all fleas in your dog's body, just use a shampoo on your dog.

Eucalyptus use for fleas?

no. your dog doesn't have do!

Are ground fleas different to dog fleas?

Yes they are.

Are dog fleas and cat fleas the same?

While cat fleas (Ctenocephalides felis) and dog fleas (Ctenocephalides cannis) are two different species, most of the fleas found on dogs are actually cat fleas.

Do dogs have many fleas?

kinda yes if they bacome very ill ther can be up to 210 fleas on one dog @ once

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