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You can only summon it from your hand, not your deck.

at some point you can special summon it from the graveyard or from the deck by effects of magic or trap cards. -shar0414-

you can also special summon any dragon except for red eyes darkness metal dragon when you have red eyes darkness metal dragon on the filed.

Dear asker.....

i would suggest by-passing red eyes black dragon and go for "Red Eye's Darkness Metal Dragon"

With him u do not need REBD.And he can summon Dragons from your "had or "graveyard" that dont have the same name.

..Montage of dragons...

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Q: Can you play Red Eyes Darkness Dragon from your deck of Yu-Gi-Oh cards having Red Eyes Black Dragon on the field?
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What is better in Yugioh black rose dragon or ancient fairy dragon?

It's Ancient Fairy Dragon.

Is there going to be a new black rose dragon?

no yugioh 5ds already ended

How many different Red-Eyes monsters are there in YuGiOh?

There are eight different "Red-Eyes" Monsters. Here is a list of them:"Red-Eyes B. Dragon""Red-Eyes Black Metal Dragon""Red-Eyes Darkness Dragon""Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon""Red-Eyes B. Chick""Red-Eyes Wvyern""Red-Eyes Zombie Dragon""B. Skull Dragon" (Summoned Skull & 'Red-Eyes')

How do you get red eyes black dragon on yugioh world championship 2009?

it is in it just search for it

Can you get black winged dragon or shooting star dragon in yugioh 5ds reverse of arcadia?

you would have to download a hack from the internet

What is the names of the 5 dragonds in yugioh 5d's?

stardust dragon, red dragon archfiend, black rose dragon, ancient fairy dragon, and the crimson dragon umm i mean .... and the blackwing dragon .... and if you fuse them it will become the crimson dragon..

What monster fuses with Blackland Fire Dragon to form Red-Eyes Black Dragon in Yugioh?

Red-eyes black dragon is not a fusion card. there is no other card, that i know of, that can fuse with blackland fire dragon to make a fusion card. red-eyes black dragon is a normal monster.

How do you get Black Rose dragon in Yugioh 5Ds 2009?

Black Rose Dragon can be obtained in the "Crossroads of Chaos" booster pack or as a gift from Akiza Izinski after defeating her an undesignated number of times in a Duel.

What is the fifth dragon from yu-gi-oh 5d's?

the 5th dragon is Black feather dragon, if you don't believe me watch yugioh 5ds episode 95 online.

Strongest yugioh card?

master of dragon knight(black luster soildier on top of blue eyes ultimate),or five god dragon,have 2 of each

How do you get black rose dragon on yugioh the rose duelist?

Do you actually mean "Yu-Gi-Oh!: Duelist of the Roses"? IF you do... then you can't get Black Rose Dragon. Yu-Gi-Oh!: Duelist of the Roses came out before Black Rose Dragon did, thus, Black Rose Dragon isn't even in the game. Hope this helps.

Is power tool dragon one of the five dragons in Yugioh 5'ds?

No they are Stardust Dragon, Red Dragon Archfeind ,Black Rose Dragon, Ancient Fairy Dragon ,and Black-winged dragon* *Black-winged dragon becomes one after crow becomes a Singer. * Later Leo becomes a signer and Power Tool Dragon transforms to Life Stream Dragon making it six dragons

What are good cards to have in a Red Eyes Black Dragon deck?

Red Eyes Black Chick Inferno Fire Blast Red Eyes Darkness Dragon Metalmorph Red Eyes Black Metal Dragon Monster Reborn Decoy Dragon

How do you become a obelisk blue on Yugioh gx duel academy?

You have to defeat excodia, red eyes black dragon, and get a hairline.

Does Red Eyed Ultimate Dragon still sell in stores?

No. There is no such card as Red-Eyes Ultimate Dragon, there is a Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon (which sells due to collector value) but that's it. Red-Eyes has even better (in terms of gameplay) evolutions/counter-parts: Red-Eyes Darkness Dragon (Evolution) Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon (Counter-part) Red-Eyes Black Metal Dragon (Evolution) Black Skull Dragon (Evolution) Red-Eyes Zombie Dragon (Counter-part) Meteor Black Dragon (Evolution) Of them the ones that see play are Red-Eyes Darkness, Red-Eyes Darkness Metal and Red-Eyes Zombie Dragon's, but all of them sell.

What is the fifth signer dragon?

episode 95 of yugioh 5ds reveals that blackfeather dragon is the signer dragon. that not 5rh signer dragon thats the 6th in luna deram there in no black wing just lfie steam dragon leo signer dragon when he becoem signer in 5d 142 luna sya that dragon she say not black wing

Can you get Black Skull Dragon in Yugioh Capsule Monsters Coliseum?

no you can't combine any of the monsters. that is unless there's something i missed!

What are the names of the Five Dragons in YuGiOh 5D's?

The names of the Five Dragons are:Stardust DragonRed Dragon ArchfiendBlack Rose DragonAncient Fairy Dragonblack wing dragonlife steam dragonThe fifth dragon has yet to be revealed in the anime for some reason.he his now and there 6 dragons now as Leo become the 6th signer in 5d 142

What are the strongest cards in Yu-Gi-Oh?

here are the stongest cards in yugioh: -winged dragon of ra -slifer the sky dragon -obilesk the tormentor -five god dragon -blue eyes ultamate dragon -blue-eyes white dragon -horos the black dragon -black luster soldier -chaos emperor dragon (envoy of the beggining) -black luster soldier (envoy of the end) Rainbow Dragon Darkness Dragon Wicked Dreadroot Wicked Avatar Wicked Eraser The Three Sacred Beasts Arcana Forces(never mind it,i mean all of them) Synchros(All of them) Time Wizard(good,but risky,effect) and the fiive pieces of exodia

What yugioh booster pack has red eyes black metal dragon?

The only booster pack to contain this card is Premium Pack 1.

What are some names of rare Yu-Gi-Oh cards?

Here is a list of a couple very rare Yugioh cards. Dark Magician, Blue-Eyes White Dragon, Relinquished, Red-Eyes Black Dragon, Kaiser Sea Horse, and Black Luster Soldier. That is a few examples from a very long list of rare Yugioh cards.

Can I summon Red Eyes Darkness Dragon anytime i have a Red Eyes Black Dragon out?

Not 'anytime' - as an inherent special summon, you can do it only in your own main phases.

How do you get red eyes black dragon in Yu-Gi-Oh stardust excellarator?

buy any old yugioh deck that contains red eyes black dragon and enter the code online that comes with it and you will recieve the entire deck online.

Are black feather counters and wedge counter real in yugioh?

There's nothing official to represent them, but they definitely exist. Black-Winged Dragon uses Black Feather Counters, Blackwing Armor Master uses Wedge Counters.

Where do you find the item the evolve red eyes black dragon in to red eyes metal dragon in Yugioh false bound kingdom?

you have to set up a trade union in one of the mission, I think it was somewhere in 9-14?