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Can you pregnant from intercourse 2days before ovulation time?


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yes you can because the time may be innacurate and the sperm can live for up to 5 days in the vagina.

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There is no way to do that but you can try to prevent ovulation by taking the morning after pill.

yes, if you ovulate at that time.

No. It is probably just the remainder of your hormones that you didn't get out during your period. You wont get pregnancy systems until a month after intercourse

No, by the time a woman is two days off menstruation the egg is long dead - ovulation typically occurs two weeks before menstruation, and at most there is only a viable egg present for 48 hours. Typically a woman will not have fertile quality cervical mucus present at this point either. However unless a woman uses fertility awareness methods she cannot know exactly when she is fertile or when she is not, also often women can mistake vaginal bleeding for other reasons (such as ovulation bleeding) for menstruation so assume they are not pregnant when actually they may be at risk of pregnancy or already be pregnant. Long answer short is that it is not possible, however if a woman wants to avoid unwanted pregnancy she should always use birth control.

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highly possible but stress for not knowing can cause your body to deceive you as well. you can buy a cheap test that is only looking for a hormone but you have to wait a few more days time will tell

No not at all. My doctor actually told me to start my pills three days into the pack, so that I could be accurate with the days.

your dilation can take as long as 2weeks or 2days depends on how active you are.

It is not unheard of for a pregnant woman to have a period. However it is unusual. If you have a normal menstrual cycle that is regular. Then you should be able to work out at about what times You should avoid sex to avoid pregnancy For example If you have a 28 day cycle your time of ovulation should be at about the 14 th day after the start of your period Because sperm can last for about 4 days you should definitely avoid unprotected sex on or after the 9th day after the start of your period. The ovum lasts about 2days before breaking up So you should add at least another 3 days to and avoid sex on days 15, 16 and seventeen at least. When the ovum is not fertilized it breaks up the resusult of which is that hormones are released that cause the lining on your uterus to come away with your next period. So normally a period indicates that you are not pregnant.

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Dear Reader; Fertility is usually around 14 days after a period plus or minus a couple days. If it was around then maybe the answer is yes. If you are not married another form of entertainment would be a very good idea. Dwight

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