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# Conception usually occurs about 5-7 days after intercourse # Your most fertile period is about 5 days before ovulation # For most(but not all) women ovulation occurs about 14 days prior to her period.

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Q: Chances of pregnancy if you had intercourse on the last day after your period stopped?
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Are there any chances of pregnancy if you had intercourse on the 11th day after your period stopped?

You can become pregneant anytime of the month day or year.

My boyfriend and i had intercourse a lot a week before my period could i be pregnant?

Did you have your period? If you had your period, the chances are, you are not pregnant. If you have not had your period, then chances are high that you are pregnant. Take a pregnancy test and go to your doctor if you still have questions!

Are there any symptoms of pregnancy 3 days after intercourse?

no there are no signs of pregnancy until a period of two weeks after intercourse. unless you have missed a period in that case hahaha

Stopped taking the pill two months ago as hard to get prescription. Still havent had a period and had unprotected sex. what are the chances of pregnancy?

Chances are Good. In fact you may already be pregnant, which is why you aren't having a period.

Could I be pregnant if I had my period but I have some of the symptoms of being pregnant?

If you had normal period (not short! not light!) - your chances for pregnancy are about 1%. If you had unusual period + pregnancy symptoms - you chances or pregnancy are 50%-60%.

What is the safe period of sexual intercourse to avoid pregnancy?

there is no safe period u better use condom to avoid pregnancy.

How do you increase chances of pregnancy?

You can increase your chance of pregnancy, by having unprotected intercourse during your most fertile time. You can determine your fertile time, by performing a ovulation test 14 + days after your period ended.

What are the chances of getting pregnant if he ejeculated and if your period just ended?

Pregnancy occurs around the time of ovulation which is roughly on day 14 of the cycle. This applies to periods that are regular. Chances are high that no pregnancy took place when intercourse occured after the end of one's period. Again, it is important to keep in mind that ovulation is easier to predict when a period is regular.

Is spotting after intercourse 2 weeks after your period a sign of pregnancy?

Could be a sign of implantation bleeding. However, implantation bleeding is actually quite rare. Chances are the intercourse was rough or your body is just kick starting your cycle.

Are the chances of pregnancy the second day of your period high?

It is not higher than when your not on your period

Is it possible to have a positive home pregnancy test six days after intercourse if you were ovulating the night of intercourse?

Only after your missed period you can determine pregnancy not during ovualtion

What are the chances of pregnancy if your on your period?

Can Women Get Pregnant During Menstruation?

Can having unprotected sexual intercourse two days before your period cause pregnancy?

Yes. Take a pregnancy test if you miss your period.

What are the chances of natural pregnancy at 49?

it's possible. depends on if you've stopped having your menstrual cycle or not. as long as your having a period, your ovulating. As long as your ovulating, you can get pregnant!

Can you get pregnancy symptoms 2days after period?

No. It is probably just the remainder of your hormones that you didn't get out during your period. You wont get pregnancy systems until a month after intercourse

Can you get a positive pregnancy test 8 days after intercourse?

no wait a wk after a missed period

Is there a possibility of pregnancy without actual intercourse after a normal period and the next one is delayed by 4 days?

no you have to have intercourse to get pregnant nooooooooo

How soon after a light period can you take a pregnancy test?

It is more accurate to perform a pregnancy test 3 weeks after intercourse.

What are the chances of becoming pregnant if your last period was July 1st and you had intercourse July 21st?


What are the chances of getting pregnant a week after the period has ended?

There is ALWAYS a chance that you can get pregnant after engaging in intercourse ...

Doing daily intercourse getting pain on the left ubdomen in the 14th days after period is it indication of pregnancy?

after intercourse getting pain on my abdomen

If you have no symptoms and you have gotten your period several times what are the chances of pregnancy?

not very likely

Can your blood pregnancy test come up neg if your on your period?

If you're on your period, chances are you're not pregnant.

Does a girl get pregnant after period if intercourse was before period?

if it was during the fertile time any where from 10 to 16 days after monthly stopped

What are the chances of gettin prgenant o your period?

Apparently, the chances of pregnancy are lower at the start of a woman's period and increase just after her periods. But there is no predictable time during the month when the risk of pregnancy is absent. So yes, it is possible to get pregnant during a period.