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Yes, a cage is a cage. As long as there's no mouse in the cage already.

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Can you put your mouse in a hamster cage?

Not really, they won't try to kill each other. I tried it because I had a mouse and a hamster but only one cage. I figured why not? Well, they didn't try to kill each other. It's just that the hamster, Nibbles, keeps stealing Lionel's (mouse) place. Like when Lionel was on the wheel, Nibbles tried to steal his place. Which lead to fighting. So it's alright if you put them together in a cage. Just remember to monitor them so the hamster doesn't try anything funny. But yeah, you can put a mouse in a hamster cage.

Can put a mouse in a hamster cage?

No, mixing different species is not recommended and may end up in the death of the mouse or hamster, or both. The hamster could also chew off the mouse's tail.

If you were to keep a wild field mouse what should you put it in?

You need to get a hamster cage. It's made of wire and they can't chew through it. wouldn't a mouse cage be better?

Can you put a mouse and a hamster in the same cage?

No don't do it Plz don't do it B <---Just ignore it.

What does a pet mouse need to live in?

A pet mouse would live in a cage like a hamster cage.

Can you put a new hamster in the same cage as a mouse?

No.....................Dont do that they will fight and try to kill each other

What animal can you put in an old hamster cage?

a rat, mouse, gerbil, guinea pig, basically any rodent

Can a hamster die if you put it in a new cage?

No a hamster cant die when you put it in a new cage. It just has to get used to it.

Can you put a new mouse in the same cage with another mouse?

You can put a new mouse in the same cage as another, but if your mouse prefers living alone, don't put the mouse in the cage. The older mouse should be better off solitary.

Where to put your hamster when cleaning cage?

It's recommended to put it in a hamster ball.

How can you get your hamster to get pregnant?

you put it in the same cage with a male hamster

Can a mouse be kept in a dwarf hamster cage?

No, they will fight each other.

How do i make hamster have baby's?

Put a hamster of the opposite sex in its cage.

Where can you leave a hamster?

You must leave a hamster in a cage. Where else would you put it? it need hamster shavings at the bottom of the cage, which you can buy at the pet store.

Can a hamster go on a plane?

yes if you have a little cage with a handle to put the hamster in.

How small an opening can a mouse crawl through?

if a mouse can stick it's head through an area, it can get it's body through. if your unsure if your mouse can get out of a cage or not, put the mouse in the cage and close the doors of the cage, then put cage(with mouse in it) in bathtub overnight. if mouse gets out, your mouse will be safe in the bathtub(shut the drain of the bathtub) I hope this info will help

Which is better a pet hamster or mouse explain why?

Hamster because mice stink and hamster like to play more than mice. If you want a playful pet choose hamster an if you want a pet that will just sit around in the cage then the mouse is for you!

How much woodshaving do you put in a hamster cage?

enough so the hamster can hide under it.

How can you put a wire cage hamster wheel in a solid cage?

I definatly wouldn't advise using a wire hamster wheel as a hamster can get its legs in between the wheel when running.

How can you make sure your hamster gets pregnant?

You should get a hamster of the opposite sex and put it in the cage with your current hamster.

How do you say .broken. and .hamster cage. in spanish?

(It would not let me put commas.) broken-- hamster cage--

How do you change your hamster food?

Put hand in cage, pick up food bowl, remove , clean then refill, return to hamster cage !

Can you put a rock in your hamsters cage?

yes just don't put it on the hamster

Why is your Hamster frightened when you put your hand in the cage?

Because it thinks it is going to be attacked. let it smell your hand from outside the cage before you put in the cage

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