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NO way definatley not :)

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โˆ™ 2010-09-24 21:12:28
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Q: Can you put a male and female betta together?
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Can a betta be in the same tank with another betta?

never put a female and a male Betta together. you can only put girl Bettas together

When do you put the female and male Crown Tail Betta fish together to have babies?

You put them together when the female is full of eggs, and when the male builds a bubble nest.

If you cannot put a male and female betta together how do you get baby bettas?

you can put a male and female betta together but you must watch them closely, if they fight remove one of them right away! remember to remove them after they have mated

What happens if your female and male betta fish fight?

They don't fight. The male kills the female. You can't put them in the same tank together.

Can you put 2 male betta fish together or 2 females?

You may put two females together, or a male and a female. However you can not put two males together, they will fight to the death.

How long before you can put betta fish together?

Male Bettas can not be kept with any other members of the Betta family. They can be kept with other species quite safely but will not tollerate another Betta (male or female) in their vicinity. Female Bettas can be kept together OK.

Can you put two female bettas and one male betta together?

No you cannot, only if you are breeding them and the female has eggs. Otherwise the male will eventually kill the female. 2 females can live together.

Can you put a male Betta fish in a tank with a female Betta fish?

Male Bettas can live with female Betta fish except when they have laid eggs. Male Betta fish should not be placed in the same aquarium as another male Betta.

Can a male betta be put with a female betta?

No. If you were to house a male and female betta together it would result in fighting, if not death. The only exception is when breeding the fish, which requires a few weeks of conditioning beforehand. Even then, the fish are still at risk for injury.

How do betta fish kill each other?

Actually,yes,they can.You can keep one male and one female Betta together,but ONLY that pair,and if you put more in,they will become very agressive,resulting in fighting to badly injure other fish,or killing them.Before you put in a male and female Betta together,make sure you put one in a clear glass jar (I say put the male in the jar) and leave the other Betta in the fish bowl.Put the jar against the fish bowl and let them see each other.Soon,they will get to know each other and you will be able to put the male Betta inside the bowl with the female Betta.

What if you put a male and a female betta fish together?

THey will most likely have eggs. Be careful. You might want to put a divider in the tank.

Can you put a fresh water betta fish with other fish?

no. the male betta will attack every fish it sees. and its to bad because the bettas are the most beautiful fish, and it would be nice to set up a tank of just bettas. but the true answer is no. but yes to a female betta. you can put female bettas with other fish. and sometimes you can put male bettas and female betas together. (i was assuming you were asking about the male betta)

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