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Can you put a turbo on a 1987 Toyota pickup that has been rebuilt bored 40 over and a new cam and has a carb?

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yes you can they have them that you can install your self, but i would put the 50 horse power on it that's all you would need more than that may cause damage to you motor

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How many 1986 Toyota turbo pickup where made?


What is the spark plug gap for a 1987 Toyota pickup turbo?

The spark plug gap for a 1987 Toyota pickup with a turbo engine should be set between .035 inches and .044 inches. A new spark plug will come with the gap already set and should not need to be adjusted.

How rare is the 1986 Toyota pickup turbo?

made them for a couple of years 86 -88 in pickups and 4 runners

What can you do if the turbo charger is not working?

either have the turbo unit rebuilt, or buy a new one.

What is the firing order for a Toyota Supra Turbo?

The firing order on a Toyota supra turbo is 1,5,3,6,2,4

What type of turbo does a 1989 Toyota supra turbo have?

its a ct26

Could the th 350 be as good as the turbo 400 rebuilt?

The 350 turbo is a good transmission but the 400 turbo will take more abuse.

Does Toyota Celica have turbo?


Can you fit a turbo to a 1.3 Toyota tazz?

it can be done check our odr toyota tazz 1300 turbo on youtube

How rare is 1987 Toyota turbo pickup?

Assuming you are in the US it would very rare because Toyota did not produce a code 2L-T turbo diesel after the 1986 model year for the US market. As a matter of fact they only produced the diesels engine for these trucks for 2 years Which were 1986-1988.

Can you put a turbo 400 in a 1995 pickup?

It can be done.

Why would your Ford F350 Turbo Diesel truck have white smoke coming from tailpipe?

blow by through the turbo ,my truck did the same thing had to get the turbo rebuilt

When the turbo its not working does it have to do something with the rebuilt of the head gaskets?

No the turbo runs off of exhaust, then forces the compressed air through the engine.

Can you add a turbocharger on your Toyota model 5k engine?

can you add a turbo charger to a Toyota cressida with a 7m- ge non turbo engine?

How much turbo boost does a 87 Toyota supra have?

The stock boost of a 1987 Toyota Supra Turbo is 6.8 psi/0.46884349504 bar.

Will a 350 turbo trans bolt up to a 4x4 pickup?

Yes, there are 350 turbo transmissions that will bolt up to a 4x4.

How to fix a turbo charger for an 1988 Toyota Supra that is not working?

buy a new turbo and replace it

What engine does a 2001 Toyota supra have?

2jzgte (Turbo) or 2jzge (Non Turbo) vvti engine

What is the difference between a 1986 and a 1987 Toyota supra?

1986 Supra was non turbo and 1987 came in turbo and non turbo.

How fast does a Toyota supra go?

The 1998 Toyota Supra Turbo will go 167mph

Can you put a turbo on your stock 22R engine in your 84 4x4 Toyota pickup?

You don't need to rebuild it just because it has 50,000 plus miles on it. My 91 has over 205,000 on the 22re and 194-196psi compression. If you put a turbo on the stock block you'll have to run super low boost, rear; minimal power gains. To do it right you'll need to do a rebuild with low compression pistons, preferably forged to take the extra abuse. DO NOT utilize the ct20 turbo that came on the 22rtec trucks, they're junk. You can turbo charger just about anyhting. I found this link in a few seconds. Go to, type in "toyota turbo chargers". there are more there. You can indeed put a turbocharger on just about anything. However, if the engine has more than 50,000 miles on it (it probably does) then it needs to be rebuilt. It needs to be rebuilt from the inside out, boared out, new pistons, spark plugs, the works. Yes, it's costly but if you slap a turbocharger on a high mileage engine, it WILL NOT be able to handle it and you will ruin it.

Can you put a turbo on a 22re truck?

Im thinking of putting a turbo kit on my rebuilt motor a 22r with fuel injection intake on it ,for extra power.

How do you change the spark plugs of a 1991 Toyota supra?

You have to more specific, is it a turbo or non turbo motor?

Is it expensive to have the turbo rebuilt in a 6.0 diesel?

I've seen 6.0 VGT turbo rebuilding service for around $300-330. Not including damaged parts.

How do you put a 350 in a Toyota pickup?

Slowly and carefully with a good understanding of a tape measure. I have an 83 Toyota with a 350/turbo 350 combo that will hurt a camaro and still get 20 mpg.Please go slow and measure measure measure.Speedway has a greta aluminum rad that fits the frame nice.

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