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To retain proper spring rate and handling, one should keep the springs within chassis year ranges (i.e. 88-91, 92-95, 96-00, 01-05, etc.). Any Civic model within those year ranges should share springs with other submodels within the same year ranges.

install 88-91 springs in any 1992-00 civic and you will retain factory ride quality with about 2.5" of lowering. Your camber adjustment will be out just like lowering springs though.

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Q: Can you put any Civic springs on a Civic hatchback?
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What size gas tank does the 1990 Honda Civic Hatchback have?" i have a 1990 civic and i have never been able to put in more than 10 gal.

What kind of engine can be put into a 1995 civic hatchback?

You can only swap an engine of a Civic Hatchback with an engine of a newer car. Its only legal to swap in engines of the same or newer OBD series. So the Civic engine you swap with has to be a 94 or newer but any of those engines will fit.

How many speakers did a 1990 Honda Civic have?

It has two if you have the hatchback, but you can always put more in it. If you have the sedan then there is four

Can you fit a 1992 civic coupe bumper on a sedan?

No you cannot put a coupe on a sedan... you should be able to put a hatchback on a coupe or vice-versa.. however sedan is completely different and the body parts are not interchangeable..

Does a 99 civic exhaust fit a 94 civic?

it depends on what kind of civic you have (coupe, hatchback, or sedan). you would have to modify the lengths of the pipes to get it to fit right though. I'm about to take the exhaust off my old 99 sedan and put it on my 94 coupe and just measuring it I saw a major difference in the length of the pipes.

Will a civic headlight fit on a civic si?

Depending on what year you are talking about it can be interchangeable. For instance if you have a 2001 to 2005 Civic and these are either 2 door or 4 door and want to make it work for a Civic Si in that year range then no because it is a different body style in this case a hatchback. But if you have a 2006 and up civic and want to put civic si headlights or vice versa it will work fine as long as it is specific for two door model or four door model.

How much does it cost to put a clutch in a 1988 Honda Civic hatchback?

usually a clutch will cost u around $300 to $400 , it is pain to try to do one yourself, trust me , i been there done that, good luck

Can you put any springs in an air suspension?

yes they sell conversion kits

1995 ford escort hatchback and where do you put in the coolant?

i have a resovoir but is there another place to put in the collant?

What type of oil do you put in a 2002 Honda Civic?

SAE 5w20 any major brand.

How do you change the third brake light on a Honda Civic DX hatchback?

look at your manual, it shows the 2 screws that you have to take out (on either side of the underside of the light) that will let you remove the lens part. you then pull the bulb out, replace and put it back together.

Show you the picture how to put breck fluid 95 Honda Civic?

show me how to put breck fluid 95 Honda civic

Are there any interchangeable Honda parts for the 95 del sol?

most of your del sol and Honda civic parts are interchageable! my friend took the suspension from a civic and put it on a del sole

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To put brakes pads on a 1994 Honda Civic, you will need Bleed brake fluid.

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Can you put a h23a dohc vtec on a 95 civic?

Yes of course you can put an h-series into an eg civic. It's done every day.

Can you put 2001 cavalier z24 struts and springs on a base 2001 cavalier?

Yes there is no difference in any suspension parts except the z24 will have a sway bar. so the struts and springs will fit.

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Can you put a tranny from 98 Honda lx in to a Honda dx?

can u put a tranny from a 98 Honda civic lx in to a 97 Honda civic dx

Can you put a 92-95 Honda motor in a 90 Honda Civic?

Yes, any Honda Civic motor from those years will work with little to no modification, same with any Acura Integra motors. That's what makes hondas so great.

Can you put spring on and remove the air bags?

yes, I put Springs on my car And removed my air ride bags Springs from a crown vic with springs fit right on, no problems rides nice too, Mike

Can you put turbo on a automatic Honda civic?

You can put turbo on any transmission, it doesn't matter whether its auto or manul, just for manul you can really push out the maxium speed of the it

Is it possible to put a Honda civic engine in an 88' for escort and if so which civic engines will work?

any civic engine will work, any engine will fit, the amount of fabrication and frame modification and time and money required for this job makes it not a reasonable tasking to do. For a normal person, buying another car, or a newer car is suffice.

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my dick