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Josh, I asked my neighbor the same question about filling our pool. He is on the fire dept. He said that they no longer do that. He said they used to use a line jumper, but that all now is illegal. (You wouldn't be able to obtain a hose for the hydrant, or the wrench to turn it on.) We have found that filling ours with a garden hose @ $69.00 is cheaper than having it hauled in at a cost of roughly $200.00+, and that is for 17,000 gallons of water. I hope this has helped ot answer your question. You can check locally with your fire dept. It may be different where you are.

A: Additionally, I think the fine when or if you were caught would far out weigh the cost savings of illegally stealing water.

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Q: Can you refill a pool using water from a fire hydrant?
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What enerygy is behind a non flowing fire hydrant?

The energy behind a fire hydrant that is not flowing water is known as "static pressure". This is the water pressure that is normally available from the water main when the hydrant is closed.

What are the difference between hydrant and hydrant monitor?

hydrant is the sub part of fire water network from which water shall be discharged to on fire parts, and from where the hydrants gets water is the monitor, i.e from monitor water shall be distributed to hydrants.

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A hydrant is an attachment valve from a water main used by the fire department. One of the key features commonly found is an poppet shutoff that usually works to shut off the water if a car hits the hydrant.

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when there is a fire the fire engine pulls up and hopefully connects a hose to a fire hydrant and that brings water into the engine. The fire engine then pumps the water from the hydrant to the engine and finally to the hoses and they help pump water up to the hose to stop a fire.

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Yes, assuming it is not a private fire hydrant, then it is public protection.

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Fire Hydrant maintenance/removal is normally the responsibility of the City or the works/utilities department, as it is a part of the municipal water system. Firefighters are generally not involved with anything past the normal operation of a fire hydrant.

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A hydrant is any discharge pipe with a valve and spout at which water may be drawn from a water main. Obviously we nearly always see these in conjunction with supplying water to fight fires, but calling it a fire hydrant makes that specific. It also probably gets tacked on to emphasize the purpose of the hydrant.

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