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no because if its already frozen and u refreeze it it will come out nasty and spoiled

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Q: Can you refreeze cooked chicken after it has been frozen and thawed?
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Can you refreeze chili that has been cooked frozen and thawed?


Can you refreeze chicken thats been thawed in water?

It isn't generally safe to refreeze raw food. This is especially true for chicken, which is contaminated with salmonella at scary-high rates. If the chicken has thawed, it isn't generally safe to refreeze it and eat it later. This is especially true if it is thawed in room-temperature water rather than being thawed in the refrigerator. Once thawed, the chicken should be cooked fairly quickly. Once cooked, it can then be frozen for later consumption.

Can you refreeze defrosted chicken once its cooked?

Yes. It is preferable over trying to refreeze raw thawed chicken.

How many times can chicken be frozen?

Only once, once it is thawed you can not refreeze it.

Can you refreeze cooked poultry?

Yes. Foods that have been frozen and thawed can be refrozen after cooking.

Can frozen meat be frozen again?

No, frozen is frozen. But you can refreeze something that has been thawed. You can refreeze thawed meat long as there are still ice crystals on it. Once completely thawed then you need to cook it first then refreeze. This applies to solid pieces only, ground meat once more than half thawed needs to be cooked first then refrozen always.

Can you refreeze chicken after thawed?


Can you refreeze frozen shrimp after it has thawed?


Can you freeze bacon then thaw and cook and then refreeze?

Yes, you can freeze bacon after it has been frozen, thawed and cooked.

How long is frozen chicken good when thawed in the refrigerator?

Thawed chicken should be cooked within 1 to 2 days.

Can you safely refreeze defrosted meat?

No. It is not advised to refreeze meat that has already been frozen and thawed. The best thing to do is cook the meat and then freeze it after it is cooked.

Can cooked meat be frozen then thawed and then frozen again?

No! That's how you get bacteria! If you took food out to thaw, then decided you didnt need it, cook it up, then refreeze the COOKED portions!

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