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you should be able to the shaft inside the coloum is pretty much the same on all cars this how you can buy custom steering wheels for cars. it should work.

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Q: Can you replace a damaged steering wheel on a 1.4 auto with one from a GT?
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Where are some of the places that one can purchase a steering wheel?

A steering wheel can be purchased from Canadian Tire, Auto World, Andy's Auto Parts, Advance Auto Parts, eBay, Grant Steering Wheels and Super Cheap Auto.

How do you replace the ignition cylinder on a 1987 Chevrolet van If you need a special tool where can I get it or can I improvise Is replacing the cylinder and steering wheel going to be a problem?

You will need a steering wheel puller and a steering lock removal tool You rent them at yourlocal auto parts store

How do you remove steering wheel on a 2004 Chevy?

It can be hard to remove a steering wheel by hand on any vehicle. To remove it, there is a tool, steering wheel puller, that can be bought or rented from local auto shops. It will help remove the steering wheel.

How do you remove the original steering wheel from a 1988 Cadillac?

You need a steering wheel puller. Any Auto Parts store can help you.

How do you take steering wheel off a 93 Toyota Camry?

A steering wheel is hard to remove by hand. It can be removed with a tool called the steering wheel remover found at local auto shops.

How do you replace windshield wiper control lever?

buy a manual for your car from auto zone or any auto place.. you usually have to take off plastic parts around your steering wheel

How do you remove the air bag from a steering wheel on a Ford Fiesta?

Depends. if you want the Ford steering wheel, Try going to a wrecker and getting a Ford Steering Wheel with out an airbag or you could go to a Auto store and buy a sports style steering wheel

Where can you get a steering wheel cover for a good price?

Amazon has a selection of steering wheel covers available on their site. They come in various styles and prices. You can also find steering wheel covers at auto anything.

How do you remove steering wheel on 1995 suburban?

you need to buy a steering wheel. {Cheap at auto part store} remove your horn cover screws from behind the steering wheel. attach the pully, screw it in and it will pull the wheel off.

How do you remove the steering wheel from a 2005 Toyota Corolla?

To remove a steering wheel, a person will need a steering wheel puller from an auto part store, from there after the airbag is removed, place the tool over the steering wheel and follow its directions. It will pull the steering wheel off by applying pressure to the middle and pulling everything else up.

How do you find new cruise control buttons to replace broken ones on the steering wheel for a 1990 Corsica?

Any auto junkyard should be able to help you.

How do you remove the steering wheel on a 1990 ford bronco?

You need a special tool to remove steering wheels. It is a steering wheel puller. You can purchase one at your local auto parts store.

How do you change a steering wheel on a Nissan primastar?

easy take it to the auto body

How do you replace ignition lock and cylinder for 1995 blazer with no key for steering wheel?

this requires special tools and procedures.I recommend you visit your local library and read a service manual for your car.The special steering wheel puller and spring clip retainer compressor could be rent able from your local auto parts store.Be carefull I have had to replace the entire steering column when I messed this up.

How do i remove the steering wheel off a 1997 cavalier?

It is very hard to remove a steering wheel by hand. Auto part stores have a steering wheel puller that can be rented or bought, that will help remove a steering wheel. You will also be messing with the air bag. I would recommend purchasing a shop repair manual to help you.

Auto Wheel Covers?

form_title= Auto Wheel Covers form_header= Keep your hands warmer with a wheel cover. What color do you want on the wheel cover?*= _ [50] What size is the steering wheel?*= _ [50] Do you want the cover to include heating?*= () Yes () No

How do you straighten the steering wheel on a Yukon?

The most effective and accurate way is to take it to a local reputable auto repair facility that has an alignment rack. Have them do a complete alignment. Your steering wheel should be straight after.

Can you put a 1999 Chevy blazer steering wheel on a 1998 blazer?

Yes, the steering wheel bolts should line up just the same. You can do it yourself, just rent a steering wheel puller kit from an auto parts store, and it should be pretty simple. Good luck!

Where is the best place to buy leather steering wheel covers?

Leather steering wheel covers are available to buy online at Amazon or Advance Auto Parts. Alternatively one can find them at shops such as Halfords.

How do you replace the turn signal switch on a 1999 eldorado?

awitch or relay switch? if its the relay switch you are going to need to remove the bottom console on the steering wheel and it has 2 relays by the steering colum the one all the way up its the one you need to replace. the relay its about 14.00 bucks at auto zone. good luck

Can you put a steering wheel without an airbag on a 1994 Pontiac Firebird?

yes you can. You will need to purchase a steering wheel installation kit from a company like Grant. This should be available anywhere that sells steering wheels such as a auto parts store. The only thing that requires a professional is removal of the old airbag, unless it has already been deployed. IF the airbag is still good, have a professional remove the old air bag. If the airbag has already gone off, then you can remove the steering wheel just as any other car and replace it with an aftermarket wheel and installation kit.

1984 El Camino steering wheel how do I remove the metal piece that is under the steering wheel?

If your talking about the locking ring (it looks like it has teeth) there is a tool you can buy at most auto parts stores,its real chep.

Can you show me a diagram of where the starter is on my Nissan Sentra?

in the car near the steering wheel and it's a button, auto start

Where is the fuse for auto doorlocks on a 1995 dodge caravan?

Fuse #8 under the dash left of steering wheel

An auto technician who specializes in the service and repair of steering systems wheel balancing and alignment is called a?

an auto technician who specializes in the service and repair of steering systems wheel balancing and alignment is called a ya ur alot of help smrtas. i THINK its a front end specialist but im not totally sure.