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you have to check the ohms and the watts this info in usually printed on the magnet of the speaker. if they match then it's probably ok but not recommended

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Q: Can you replace the small back car speakers with a large pair from a HI-FI system?
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The Sony Home Sound line comes with large bookshelf speakers and even a small subwoofer, rather than small satellite speakers.

You want to upgrade your 2007 jeep liberty sound system what do you need to get you want to replace all of the speakers with ones that have more watts but how big and what else do you need thank you?

I am in the process of replacing the factory speakers in my wife's 2002 Liberty. Unfortunately, the deck does not drive the speakers, there are small amps in each of the front door speakers. Therefore, you cannot replace them with aftermarket speakers unless you replace the deck as well. The other option is to replace them, add an amp and rewire the entire system. This is not what I bargained for when I started this project but in the end it will be a lot better system then the factory system.

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