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Yes. My fiancee and I just did that (California). We did not take physical possession of the car, and nor did we take "constructive possession." I.e., taking the keys to the car and leaving the car on the lot.

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โˆ™ 2008-11-28 18:53:27
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Q: Can you rescind an agreement to buy a new car if you have not taken possession of it?
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If I haven't signed any financial paperwork besides agreement of price of car but haven taken a used vehicle home am I obligated to buy the vehicle?

You do not have to take possession of the vehicle in Florida. There are 49 other states in the Union.

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Have A County Attorney Read Your Contract, And Tell Him The Reason Stated By The Car Dealer. If Its In The Contract The Dealer Signed He Has To Fulfill His Signed Agreement. If He Has Not Entered Into A Contract With You On The Car, Signed By Himself. Then You Will Need To Walk Away. GOOD LUCK

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Because you say it is your sister, I would wager you did not first put your agreement into writing (before co-signing an obligation), which would state the terms under which you could bring actions against each other, substitute parties, buy-out, substitution of lenders, division of risks, profits and duties, etc. You cannot sue in equity to compel a new contract, but you might rescind or modify the prior agreement, or sue for damages caused by her position.

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What legal papers other than the purchase and sale agreement should be signed between 2 or more parties wishing to buy an investment property together?

purchase agreement