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nope too bad sorry. LOL


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Q: Can you return a car you recently purchased?
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Can i return a car in Ohio after ourchase?

Can i return a purchased car in the state of Ohio and how long do i have to do so

Can you return a car you just purchased?


How to return car after 3 years of purchase?

If you purchased a car, you can't return it after three years but you can sell it. People return cars if they are leased.

Can you return a vehicle you purchased yesterday and get your trade in car back?

my car has problems

Where can a person get the bill of sale form when a car is recently purchased?

When a car is recently purchased the buyer will get the bill of sale from the seller. They should receive it at the time of the sale. This shows that the previous owner has sold it to you.

How many days can you return a new car purchased in Florida?

Zero.. there is no return policy

How many days do you have to return a car you purchased?

Three days.

Which car did hollywood star Leonardo DiCaprio buy for himself recently?

Leonardo recently purchased a Fisker Karma.

Can you return a used car after having it for a few months?

No, you cannot return a used car after having for a few months. In most cases, you cannot return a used car at all once you have purchased it.

Can you return a new car you just purchased?

No, the car depreciates after you take it off the lot from the dealership.

You purchased a car last night can you return it today?

No. Buyer Beware.

Can you return a new car purchased 24 hours ago?

Yes, depending on the dealership, you should have a 15-30 day period to return the car.

CAn I return my car 24 hours after purchasing in Kentucky?

To know if a car can be returned 24 hours after it was purchased a person will need to know what car lot it was purchased from. It will depend on what the rules are for the specific car lot.

How long do you have to return a newly purchased car in the state of Texas?

about 1 month

Can you return a car that was purchased yesterday the dealer did not disclose the brakes are bad until after the deal was finalized a used car?

In the UK if a car is unfit for the road not only may you return the car the vendor can be prosecuted

How long do you have to return a car to the dealer in Oregon?

Once a car is purchased you can not return it to the dealer in Oregon. However if the car has serious mechanical defects it may be returned under the Lemon Law

Can you return a used car purchased from a dealer?

A car bought from a dealer is usually financed by a bank they want there money not the car back

What are your options for a car you just purchased ten days ago from a dealership and now you don't like it?

Unless the dealership has a written exchange policy (where you can swap a recently purchased vehicle for another of equal value) you can not return the car and cancel the contract! I have sold cars in the state of Delaware for over u18 years. Hope this helps you

Does Oklahoma law allow you to return a new car?

Oklahoma does not allow a consumer to return a newly purchased vehicle. Once the contract is signed the car belongs to the buyer.

What is the law for returning a purchased car in Illinois?

If the car is on a loan, you can return the car to the creditor that has granted you a loan on it. If you have paid off the car or bought the car paid off then you can't return the car to the dealership or owner unless it states you are allowed to do so. I tried returning a car that I paid off and was allowed to return it because it did not follow the lemon laws. If it had no problems, then no I couldn't return it and get my money back on it.

In New Jersey how many days to you have to return a new car you purchased from a car dealer?

Read the contract that you signed when you made the purchase

How do you return a new car purchased-- that has a bad transmission?

You can't return it. You can however demand they repair the car under the factory warranty. They are only obligated to repair not replace, or refund your money.

What states have the 3 day return new car policy?

I PURCHASED A used CAR and don't need to keep it due to health problems! CAN I RETURN IT to dealer within 3 days of purchase ?

What is the time limit to return a used car?

What makes you think you can just return a used car? You are referring to the Cooling Off Period or Buyer's Remorse Law. That law only applies to unsolicited sales and not to the sale of a car. Unless the seller agrees, you cannot return a car you have purchased. You bought it so therefore it is your car.

What will happen if you return a car after 30 days?

You cannot return a vehicle you purchased after 30 days. It will be considered used and a possible trade in for this vehicle will be considered.