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I doubt if there's any way to return the car for a refund or replacement unless the dealer is a really nice guy. (OK, you can return it. The dealer will be happy to keep your money and sell it again.) Many dealers will give a 30-day, 1,000 mile warrantee on the drive train, which might cover the bumping noise, depending on what it is.

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Q: Can you return a used car after two weeks if the AC does not work and there is a bumping noise coming from under the car?
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Any ideas on a whistle noise that starts at 65 mph on a 2006 Sequoia?

If the whistling noise is coming from under the hood its your belt, that's what's wrong with my Sequoia. If its not coming from under the hood its probably a crack in the seem of your window.

What is it mean when your 2006 VW Jetta makes a loud grinding noise?

We would need to know where the noise was coming from and under what conditions it made the noise in order to make an assessment.

What is the clattering noise coming from under the valve cover on the start up of 1995 caravan 3.0?

The lifters are failing and need replaced to stop the noise.

What are possible causes of a very loud constant noise in a ford focus 2003?

Not enough info. What kind of noise? Coming from where? Under what situation(s) does it occur?

There is a screeching noise coming from the car,could it be a belt?

you have a small cat stuck under your car

Your 1998 Chevrolet s-10 makes a bumping noise when ever you hit a small hole or bump in the road what could it be?

This happened to me and one of my rear shocks was completely broke causing it to bump under my truck.

How do you stop a Mercedes S430 from making a loud buzzing sound you unplugged the battery and it didn't stop?

Where is the noise coming from? Under then hood, or interior?

What could cause a whining noise to be coming from under the rear of a Nissan Quest sounds like it may be coming from the exhaust system?

I have an after market fuel pump on my van the you can hear from inside and outside.

Will bad struts cause a s what kind of noise would a bad stuts cause?

A broken strut will cause a bumping sound when the wheel hits a pothole or bump. It will also make the same sound if the wheel spins under hard acceleration.

Why is a whining noise coming from under the 02 silverado bed while its running?

it is the fuel pump because it is located in gas tank normal sound

What is a Clicking noise coming from under 99 Chevy Tahoe?

Transfer case pump grinding a hole through the casing, U-Joints, bearings.

Spitting noise at idle?

Could you revise the question to let us know where the sound is coming from? Under the hood, under the car, from the exhaust, etc? That info would help in the diagnosis-from-afar.

What causes clicking noise from box under front seat of 1997 Aurora?

One thing that can cause a clicking noise under the car is when the bar bushings get worn out on the sway bar. Also, it could be coming from the struts if strut oil is leaking. Other things that can cause a clicking noise if not working properly are the exhaust system and the transmission clutch assembly.

What is the loud noise under the hood of the car?

It depends on the nature of the noise.

What could be noise coming from under the car that sounds like stuck paper in spokes turning while the car is accelerating?

This buzzing noise is likely a faulty wheel bearing. The bearings are moving around randomly and need to be replaced.

Why is a high pitched noise coming from under the hood of my 1996 Toyota Camry?

The most common cause behind a high pitched noise under the hood is the drive belt. if it is worn out or loose, the wheels will slip, creating the noise. I would check to make sure the tensioner isn't bad. If it is, this could be causing the looseness. If the tensioner is fine, then just replace the belt.

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At times your 2000 Laredo makes a whistling sound when I'm driving that seems to be coming from under the hood near the dash and windshield what is this noise?

Perhaps a vacuum leak?

Your Ford Cougar 2000 is making a tapping noise it sounds like its coming from the back what could it be?

hey man i got a 2000 mercury cougar v6 it is makeing a tapping noise under my manifold, and i dont know what that could be. but it sounds like you might be haveing the same problem im haveing. suggestion: try checking where that tapping noise was again, it might be under your manifold!.

Is the loud whining humming noise coming from under your 98 Nissan Quest the fuel pump and is it normal?

My fuel pump is very loud. I'm told it is aftermarket but it is fine.

You have an 07 1200 sporster low and it makes a high pitched noise in any gear mostly in low rpm and not accelerating much it sounds like metal rubbing and from the rocker area it is under warranty?

try checking the gas tank mounting bolts. the one under the gas tank closest to the front of your seat was where the high pitched noise was coming from. tightened it and problem solved. it did sound like it was coming from the engine ,but it wasn't.

1996 ford thurnderbird lx and im having front end noise coming from under the front car?

This could be a bad strut or ball joint. If the noise is constant when you drive this is probably the cause. If the noise only happens when you hit a bigger bump/pothole I would check your motor mounts, this was the cause on my thunderbird.

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Noise immunity is the ability of a system to perform even when there is noise present. The higher the level of noise a system can still operate under, the higher the noise immunity.

How do you pinpoint a noise coming from under my 2002 Chevy Avalanche It sounds like a grindingscraping noise coming from the axel and only comes while moving?

I have been having a very similar problem and finally we have located an inner bearing next to the rear end axle bearing with some type of plastic or rubber coating around it we believe this is the cause to the problem.

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