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Q: Can you return the car if it breaks on your way home?
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How do you return a car?

You can't. Once you sign a contract, there is no "buyer's remorse" law pertaining to automobiles. If you sign the contract and then it breaks into 2 pieces on the way home, then you own both pieces.

In Indiana if you buy a used car and it breaks down within 24 hours can you return it?

as is is as is. Found that out the hard way

What is the best way to find misplaced car keys?

Look where you had them last. When at home, keep them in one place. Always return them there. That way you won't need to remember where you last put them.

What is the best thing to do to not have an accident in the car?

The best way not to have an accident in the car is to stop regularly for bathroom breaks.

Can you return a new car in the state of Florida?

NO, there is no cooling off period on the purchase of any vehicle, new or used, in any state. You cannot return a new car that is used car once you buy it. The only way you can return it is if the dealer agrees to the return which is highly unlikely.

What is my car breaks problem?

Without knowing what it is doing or not doing, there is no way of telling. he is right

Can you rent a convertible car one way from Texas to California?

Yes, if you return the car to whoever it belongs to.

What is one way rental?

A one way rental is when you collect a car from one location and return the car to a diiferent location. ie London to Edinburgh.

What is the Pennsylvania law on returning a used car with no warranty to the dealership?

Pennsylvania is an AS IS state. You bought it, You signed the AS IS statement. If so then it is yours at that moment. If it breaks in half on the way home you own both halves!

You purchased a car and found out on the way home after drivng 30 minutes my back was killing me can you return the vehicle?

No, you cannot. You could try. The dealership might be willing to work something out with you. But they're not legally required to take the car back.

Can you rent a car at one airport and return to another?

Yes, there are "one way" car rentals, where you rent a car at one branch of a company and return it to a different one. This usually costs more than if you return the car to the same place, but depending on the details it may not be much more or it may even be the same price.

Can you return a car after 3 days?

Only if the selling dealer agrees to take it back. Otherwise it is yours and there is no legal way to return it.

What do humans at home do to effect water purity?

wash car on drive way wash car on drive way

Can somebody who has a one way car rental use the car for a return journey?

It depends on who is providing the rental car. Some companies allow return trips whereas others do not. Ask the company you are planning to rent from for the most reliable information.

Can you return a used car within 24 hours of purchase?

It is nothing more than a myth that you can return any car you buy new, or used. Once you buy the car you own it and you cannot return it except for repairs under any warranty that came with the car. The Buyer's Remorse or Cooling Off Period laws do not apply to the purchase of a vehicle. The only way you may return a car is under your state's lemon law if they have one.

Can you return a used car to a used car dealer in Maine within 72 hours if not satisfied?

No, you cannot. The buyers remorse law does not apply to the purchase of an automobile no matter who tells you it does. This is just a myth. Once you buy a car it is yours plain and simple. The only way this law would apply is if the car dealer came to your home uninvited and sold you a car.

How do you return a used car back to the dealer that has problems?

there is no way to. Sorry as is buyer beware.

Can you return a car halfway through a finance agreement without penalties?

You cannot return a car half way through a finance agreement without penalties. This is because it causes the owner a lot of stress.

What does the law in the state of KY state about returning a used car to a dealer?

You have a 30 day 50/50 warranty unless it was specifically sold "As IS". There is no law in Ky that provides for the return of a used car or a new car for that matter. Once you purchase the car it is yours, you cannot simply return it unless you have an agreement with the seller to do so. Legally that is the only way you would be able to return the car.

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What is the best way to return a new car after only 3 days?

There is no way you can return a car. You can go back to the dealership and ask for a new deal, but they aren't going to work with you unless they either make the same amount of profit or more. When you signed the papers, you own the car. There is no "buyers remorse" law pertaining to vehicles.

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