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Look at the fine print on your contract. If it doesn't say "As is" or "final sale" then you may have some luck either having the car repaired or getting another one.

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Q: Can you return your car after a month and a half?
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How long do you have to return a newly purchased car in the state of Texas?

about 1 month

If you pay half of your payment at the beginning of the month and pay the other half at the end of the month can they still repo your car?

Depending on the lender, but usually they wont Repo a car unless you are 3 months delinquent.

Is an 11 month lease month to month?

A car hire company offers hire contract of minimum 6 months car lease and its never for 11 months, though you can return the car whenever you want, but there is no such standard hire period for 11 months.

When you purchase a used car how long do you have to return the plates?

you have a month until you change the licence plates. or tags

Which is correct month and a half or month and half?

Month and a half.Month and a half.Month and a half.Month and a half.Month and a half.Month and a half.Month and a half.Month and a half.Month and a half.Month and a half.Month and a half.

In Washington state how long do you have to return a car?

You need to be more specific in your question. Return a car to a dealer, return a leased car, return a borrowed car to a friend, return a rental car?

If the car dealer misleads you car you return a used car?

No, you can not return the car.

Do you have to change the tires to return a leased car?

if the car is badly damaged then you have to change the tires but if it is in good condition then they will do it for you and you will only have to pay half the price

Can I return a new car in Maine?

Return a car

Does any insurance company offer a month policy?

Insure your car for a year ,then after a month return the plates and cancel the insurance. You should be credited any overage you paid in

Can you return a new car in Washington state?

After a car purchase, can I return the car?

If you return a car within the first month for another car at the same lot do you eat the sales tax on the first car?

What makes you think you can just return a car and get another one. There is no law providing a cooling off period on the purchase of an automobile. That law only applies to unsolicited sales. If you return the car, you are just trading a used car in on another car. Of course you will eat the sales tax and also the deprecation.

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