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You can return it to have it repaired under the recall at no cost to you for the recall.

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โˆ™ 2010-03-02 19:21:34
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Q: Can you return your recalled new 2010 Toyota Tundra to dealership?
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Why are the Toyota cars being recalled?

I have heard of two different reasons:The acellerator (gas) pedal can experience toomuch friction and not return to starting posiutionProblems with steering

Dose Toyota give you time return the car after you purchase it?

Dealerships have different policies- contact the dealership where you bought your vehicle for more specific information.

Dealership did not sign a bill of sale?

Return to the dealership immediately and have the situation corrected.

Can I return a used car to the dealership if it wasn't what I thought?

Can I return a use car

If you purchase a used vehicle in Nevada and then no longer want the vehicle can you return it to the dealership and rescind the contract?

"If you purchase a used vehicle in Nevada and then no longer want the vehicle can you return it to the dealership and rescind the contract?"

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Can you return a car to the dealership within three days if it has been financed but there was fraudulent behavior on the part of the dealership?

you can not return a car with in any amount of time unless the sale was made away from the dealership i.e. at your house if there was fraudulent behavior you might point that out to the dealership thay may be willing to take it back in lue of a legal battle

Can you return a new motorcycle you bought 2 days ago?

it depends on the dealership.

How do you voluntarily return a vehicle to the dealership?

You must leave it ON the dealers property somehow.

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Can I return my vehicle when I get deployed in the military?

You could sell it, but I don't believe you can return your vehicle to the dealership for a refund just because you are deploying.

Can you return a 2012 Toyota Camry after just 4 days of buying it?

You should be able to. It depends on the laws in your state. I am in CA and there is a 3 day return policy/cancel a contract law. Call the dealership and the loan company. Do it now before you go too many more days with the car.

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