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Can you see your lens?

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no it is clear.

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How far can a 1300mm lens see?

A 1300mm lens can see to infinity.

What is a contact lens?

it is a lens that will help u see threw better and see better

What happens when you look through a concave lens?

When you see through a concave lens you see a magnified view of what you wish to see

What lens do you use to see the least amount of area?

A magnifying lens

Is lens the same as mirror?

a lens you can see through and a mirror reflects

Do you need your lens to see?

To see correctly, yes you do.

What is dimension of power of lens?

See the link below for the formula of lens power.

Uses of hand lens?

hand lens

What the differences between convex lens and concave lens?

A concave lens helps you see far if you're nearsighted and convex lenses help you see near if you're farsighted.

How are your eye lens like camera lens?

they both can see very far or very close and both can see things

What is the function of the lens in the eye?

to see

What is the definition for flat or plane lens?

i dont know lens that help u see !

What does a wide angle objective lens do?

heyy x a lens help you see in the light

Is convex lens used in camera?

no. its lens like glass for you to see far or near

Is the lens from your eye transparent translucent or opaque?

It would depend if you have glaucoma. If your lens is translucent you can see. If it's opaque, you can't see.

What is the difference between 6 mm lens and 3.6 mm lens?

2.4 mm All kidding aside: the 3.5mm lens has a wider angle than the 6mm one. This means that in a picture, you will see a larger area with the 3.5mm lens, but with the 6mm lens you'd see more (sharper) detail.

Function of the lens?

The lens is a curved object that forms an image in your head by refracting the light you see.

What is the lens in your eyes?

the lerns i you eyes are the contct lens it help you see at any way you wan it

Function of lens paper?

Lens paper cleans the lens and removes tiny bits of dust or debris so that what you see is as clear as possible.

What is tyhe function of eypiece in a microscope?

Eyepiece Lens or Ocular Lens is the lens on top. This is use to see the things or objects to observe or to study.

What are the uses of magnifying lens?

we can see microorganisms, we can see small objects

What is the function of the lens of an eye?

help you see

What is a fresnel lens?

see link below

What is the distance a 420-800mm lens can shoot?

That's a tough question to answer when it comes to Camera Lens', but put it this way: a 55mm lens is the "normal" distance. So if you take a picture of a tree with a 55mm lens, it captures pretty much what you see with your own eyes, now if you use a 200mm lens, you can see the same shot if you were 4x the distance than you were with the first shot with the 55mm lens. So with a 400mm lens, you can see the same shot if you're 8x the distance, 600mm will be 16x the distance, and 800mm will be 32x the distance. So that should Kinda give you an idea as to how you can see with that lens. Hope this helped!!

What is the difference between convex and concave lenses?

Convex lens let you see far away. Concave lens let you see up close..