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Can you show a alligators food chain?

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Where is the alligator in the food chain?

At the top, no other animal eat alligators.

What is alligators predators?

They are the top of the food chain in their environment. Man is about the only predator.

What would happen to the food chain if the alligators disappeared?

all the animal would die

What does the arrow in a food chain or food wed present?

to show what eats what in the food chain :)

What does the arrows in a food chain show?

the arrows in a food chain show which animal is food to another animal hope this helped Starburst 101

Can you show a sharks food chain?

I dont know what the food chain is but i know what the diet is

Can you show me a Picture of a food web for animals?

can you show me a picture of a food chain

Can you show me the crocodile food chain?


What does a food chain path show?

The path itself is shown in a food chain. A food chain shows the path of nutrients and energy in an ecosystem.

Is a food web the same thing as the food chain?

yes, pretty much. the only difference is that the food web is more detailed then a food chain, a food chain can only show one thing at a time a food web can show lots.

How are American alligators important?

As with all animals, they are important to the food chain, but they are now good sources of tourists in America.

Can alligators eat peole?

I guess they could if they REALLY wanted to, but they dont tend to because we arnt in the food chain!:)

What do the arrows in a food chain show?

the transfer of food energy

What is another way to model a food chain?

You can show a food chain list using a flowchart or a pyramid.

Can you show a antolopes food chain?


What does a food chain show a flow of?


Can you show me a picture of a koala's food chain?


These diagrams are used to show how energy flows in a food chain?

The energy pyramid is basically used to show how energy flows in a given food chain.

Are alligators running out of food?

Alligators population is being controlled by the hunting season. Less alligators more food for them.

All food pyramids show that the matter of energy in a food chain?


What diagram is used to show how energy flows in a food chain?

usually an energy pyramid or a food chain map.

What chain shows energy connections in nature?

a food chain does not show energy connections

Show where people are on a food chain?

Plants are at the Begining

Show you the picture of detritus food chain?


What does every food chain diagram and every food web diagram show?

Every food chain and food web diagram shows the transfering of energy.

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