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Yes. Many women never see any implantation bleeding. This is perfectly normal.

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Q: Can you still be pregnant if you have no implantation blood but all other pregnancy symptoms?
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Can you have implantation blood and not be pregnant?

If you have implantation bleeding then yes you are pregnant.

Does there have to be implantation blood present to be pregnant?

No. Not everyone experiences implantation bleeding.

You have been experincing all the signs and symptoms of pregnancy and now you have a brown rust color blood spotting could you be pregnant?

It is possible; that could be implantation bleeding. You should probably take a test just to be sure.

I'm 4day's late negative pregnancy test pregnancy symptoms are you pregnant?

Get a blood test. My mom was 3 months pregnant and home test was negative..Blood test are 100% positive

Could you still be pregnant if you took ecstasy and were drinking for a week straight but had pregnancy symptoms and a pregnancy test was negative?

Yes you can still be pregnant. PMS symptoms can sometimes cause severe enough symptoms that it can mimic pregnancy symptoms. The best thing for you to do is to see your Doctor & ask for a Quantitative BETA HCG pregnancy blood test to be performed. This test is highly accurate & measures the amount of HCG in your blood. You'll need to ask specifically for this blood test.

Possible implantation bleeding 11 days ago missed period pregnancy symptoms but negative HPT?

See your Doctor for a Quantitative beta HCG pregnancy blood test. You will need to ask specifically for this blood test.

What does a false pregnancy blood test mean?

Perhaps you are having signs and symptoms of pregnancy but the blood test is showing that you are not pregnant. Why not ask the person who gave you the test and result?

When you get a negative blood test for pregnancy but you have all the symptoms is it possible to be pregnant?

Yes, however not very likely. Blood tests are 99.9% acurate. Blood tests are less acurate before pregnancy effects the body, but at that point there wouldn't be "symptoms" either.

If you're the pill and you think you're pregnant can you still get the symptoms of pregnancy?

Hello, Yes, you will still experience pregnancy symptoms if you conceive while on the pill. But you need to stop taking the pill because you suspect you're pregnant. See your doctor for a pregnancy blood test.

Can you still get pregnant if you spot in between your periods?

yes you can. I had a two day period (technically called implantation bleeding) and i think i might be pregnant Do a pregnancy test and get your doc to do a blood test for you.

Do you always have pregnancy symptoms?

Yes, we as women always have pregnancy symptoms that's why it's so hard to tell when we are actually pregnant. The only true way to tell is a blood test from the doctor.

If a home pregnancy test is positive but you started could it be wrong?

It depends on the blood if it was a heavy long period then you probably arent, but if it was a light brown/pinkish blood then it might be implantation blood meaning you are pregnant

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