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In most cases, yes. This does not, however apply to military personnel on active duty.

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Q: Can you still be sued if you are out of the country?
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Sue just means "ask". When you are Sued in court it just means that the plaintif is asking the court to award them with money, forcing the defendant to make payment. You can still be sued when you go out of the country, but does it really make any difference. How will they collect if the country to which you have moved does not ackinowledge U.S. law in this particular matter and will not enforce the actions of the court? On the other hand, if you return to the country after the suit has been awarded, you may be forced to pay.

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yes the company will be out of business it will still be sued

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The maximum damages vary from country to country; in the US, for example, statutory damages are capped at $250,000 for extreme offenses. That being said, you will rarely be sued for more than real damages: that is, what the rightsholder feels your actions have cost him.

Dose the creditor have to be in the same state as you to be sued?

NO ... in fact the company does not even have to be in the same country in order for you to sue them ...

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Yes, Romania is still a country.

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Because of this amendment a state cannot be sued in a federal court by a foreign country or a private citizen?

amendment 11

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No. Making payments, unless it's the full balance, in no way protects you. You can still be sued, turned over to collections, ect.

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Yes. No reason why they could not be sued.

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sure can. as long as you enjoy being sued out the wazoo. sure can. as long as you enjoy being sued out the wazoo.

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Yes - if you did it deliberately, it is assault. If it was an accident, it is not a criminal offence but it is still tortious (you can be sued).

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Anybody can file for bankruptcy.

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LimeWire has been sued.