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Yes it is possible but it is hard work and there is no 'quick fix'. The best thing you can do is speak to your gp or local doctor about the problem and they can advise you on steps you can take and possibly refer you to a counsellor. The first step is accepting you have a problem and you are a liar, and realising the effect the lies have on your friends and your loved ones. Good luck

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Q: Can you stop being a pathological liar if you really want to?
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Will someone who is a pathological liar lie to everyone and do they ever stop lying?

Someone who is a pathological liar will like to everyone. They will not stop lying without extensive forms of therapy.

What is the difference between a pathological liar and compulsive liar?

Pathological is illness, a compulsive liar feels the urge to lie, it can sort of become an illness because they can't stop themselves.

Is there a clinical name for a person who can't stop telling lies?

A pathological liar.

How to get over a 8 year relationship with a Pisces man who is a pathological liar?

If you want to get over a relationship that has lasted for eight years with a pathological liar simply stop seeing him and ignore him. With time you will be good.

How do you get rid of a pathological liar?

Stop disclosing details, avoid them, ignore them and slowly leave them

How can you tell whether your boyfriend is a Slime ball liar or a pathological liar?

whats the difference.? once they give you two lies. dump him .don't let him get to 3. I was with a pathological liar and a scum bag. they never stop lying . I wasted my life for 6 years.

How do you confront a pathological liar?

a true Pathalogical liar dosent' even realize they're doing it and it's nearly impossible to stop them the best thing to do is limit contact.Be really discreate about it...tell him/her to their face when the time is right. or you can spread rumors behind their backs...

How do you help a pathological liar stop lying?

Major therapy. In reality, it's very difficult to make that kind of personality change stick. Therapy is the only answer, an untrained person is not equipped to help a person with a serious problem like pathological lying.

How can you stop being ticklish?

There really is no way to stop being ticklish

How do you stop a pathological parental from lying and then turns around and calls his 9 year old daughter a liar instead when you know the parent is the liar.?

You can't help a pathological patient like that. You simply just can't up and do it. This needs to be handled by doctors,professionals. Not someone such as yourself. Ask for help,some sort-of profession help (ex. phsycologist.) And if it's nessacary,and no one can get to him,he will be given medication. Simple as that.

How do you deal with your chid who you suspect to be a pathological liar?

first of all this has nothing to do with narcissism as children often show signs of narcissism that go away as they get older second of all there is no such thing as a pathological liar as lying compulsively is not a disease or abnormality finally: I'd stop believing them and try ingraining the story of the boy who cried wolf into their head but I'm no expert on parenting considering I'm only 15 years old

How do you stop a pathological liar?

You don't. You though must walk away. They are not inmate trust worthy partners or good friends. A casual friend no telling of secrets or giving them any trust is all you should invest

Can a compulsive liar stop lying?


You think you are a pathalogical liar because you have researched it and do everything it says and admit there is a problem what can you do to stop this with out treatment?

It is very difficult to change a personality disorder like this without therapy. Of course, since you are a pathological liar, you are probably lying now. However, you can try rewarding yourself when you tell the truth. Sometimes that helps to break a bad habit.

How to stop horses being slaughtered?

There is really no way to stop it. Sorry dearr ^^;

Where can a pathological liar get help?

This is difficult, firstly the person in question needs to realise they have a problem, and it doesn't matter how many times someone else tells them, they need to arrive at the realization on their own terms. Mostly liars seem to think their behaviour is normal, of course it depends on the person. Does the liar acutally believe his own lies? Or are they simply willing to go to any lengths to try and convince others of his liars - regardless of the consequences, this is often the difference between a pathological liar and a compulsive liar. If they finally do realise they need help, then approaching a doctor would be the first step, as they will recommend further treatment, probably with a psychiatrist. Unfortunatly there is no easy cure, and no pills that will really help, the only way for them to stop lieing is to discover the reason behind their actions, it is a long and difficult road but if they are determined they can beat this.

I feel a tingling in my arm oh no it's the clawww nothing can stop the claw grr?

Liar Liar staring Jim Carrey Liar Liar staring Jim Carrey

Will Miley Cyrus stop being bad?

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What should you do with someone you love is a compulsive liar?

You should talk to him/her, let them know that it is bothering you. Tell them that it is hard for you to trust them, and if they really love you, they will stop lieing.

Can queen stop being a queen?

Not really, not unless she dies

What should you do if you've been married to a pathological liar for 3 years and you recently answered a call from your husband's friend asking if you were over your operation but you never had one?

Pathological liars are like run away locomotives. They just can't stop! It's an illness and usually learned from childhood. Some children may have extremely strict parents, are made to feel stupid, unproductive, etc., and so, when asked if they did something they shouldn't have done will lie. The more under-lying factor about pathological liars is they have no self esteem and feel they need to dramatize their situation to look more important in the eyes of their peers. Pathological liars need therapy! I have talked to a couple of pathological liars and they openly admit they know they are doing it, feel really bad, but can't seem to stop. Unfortunately, men are usually very bad at seeking help for themselves, while if you bring this problem up to a woman who is a pathological liar they almost always will go and seek help through therapy to get to the bottom of why they do this. I would suggest that you sit and talk to your husband. Tell him about his friend phoning about that operation, and tell him it's "not normal" to act in this way. Ask him (mainly out of curiosity) why he would lie to his friend like that. Tell him if he doesn't go to a good therapist ( you go with him) and seek help you are leaving! Mean it! Good luck Marcy

Why is someone a compulsive liar?

Because they cant stop lying!

Does an indie band stop being indie if it's signed?

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What does it mean if your girlfriend says man up?

really? it means stop being a wuss. or your being immature.

How do you stop a complusive liar?

Help the person seek professional counseling.