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in all reality you should never give your social security number until after employement

2006-08-08 03:55:55
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Can an employer hold your check because of no social security card?

Your employer shouldn't have allowed you to work without a social security card and they are holding off on paying you because of this fact. You are still entitled to wages for hours worked and should speak to an employment attorney or your state's department of labor for assistance.

Can a employer require a medical physical after working hours without pay?

Yes, if it is a condition of employment.

Can an employer put your social security number on an insurance form if you have declined the insurance?

Your employer has absolutely no right to submit your social security number anywhere to anyone without your permission.

What type of employment is Walmart?

Typically Walmart is "At Will" Employment, which generally means the individual can quit at will, but the flip side is that the Employer can fire the employee with or without cause.

Can an employer release your social security number without permission?

No. It's private information.

How do you get to an actual application without jumping through hoops with other employment agencies in your way?

Please tell me how to get to an actual Kroger application without having to go thru Jobs 2 Jobs of jobsradar or indeed etc. I am not interested in working with an employment agency, I simply want a Kroger job application.

Can 'at will employees' get unemployment?

Yes. The term "at will" employer, simply means that an employer is granting you employment for no guaranteed amount of time, and may let you go at will without any reason at all. This is the most common form of employment. Unemployment will be determined by the length of time you were employed, and the reason that you are no longer employed. If you were fired for things such as stealing, absenteeism, lying on an application, or just simply quit... Chances are you will NOT qualify for unemployment.

What is the concept of express employment about?

Express employment is also know as "at will employment" in the United States of America. It enables either the employer or employee to terminate the employment at any time and without notice unless a contract has been entered into by poth parties beforehand.

Can an employer automatically enroll you in medical benefits without your consent?

You would have to sign the application, so I don't see how.

Is your employer required to give employment verification to a collection agency?

They are not required by any federal law to do so. Considering that, it is unlikely that any state law exists requiring it. Many employers do give employment verification, and there are a number of ways for verifying employment without an employer even being aware that this is being done. Consider that if you answer a telephone call while at work, you have just verified your employment there.

Can an employer do a employment verification without your consent?

yes, to verify information on applicants prior work sites and verify if applicant qualifications and job performance.

What is probational period?

Generally your first 90 days of employment. During this time, your job is not protected, and an employer can dismiss you without a reason being provided.

Can you claim unemployment from your previous employer if you have accepted a new job and want to quit it?

Maybe, maybe not. Employment law is just not that simple. There is no way to completely answer your question without more information regarding your location, the length of time spent with each employer, the reason for termination of employment with your previous employer, and the reason you want to quit your new job. You need to tell an attorney your entire situation to get an accurate answer.

Can an employer fire you after a month without unemployment benefits?

In WI we would just say that you did not meet the probationary period of 90 days. Which is probably the case. <><> As each state has it's own requirements for receiving benefits, you'd have to check with your own state's employment security office for clarification.

Can an employer legally change your days of and working times without notice in the UK if you are in full time employment If so or if not where in the legislation does it state this?

yeah, if your a douche bag...

Do you have to be given a warning before an emplyoyer can terminate?

It depends on the state you're in, I believe. I live in VA and an employee or employer can terminate the employment without good reason at any time. Normally an employer won't do this. Normally they give a warning.

Would I be test blood pressure in a pre-employment drug test?

Are you wondering if a prospective employer can test you for prescription drugs like BP medicine without your knowledge? The answer is no and if you were tested for those drugs you have grounds for a nice juicy lawsuit. An employer CAN give you a physical, but not without your consent.

Can an employer threaten to fire you if they find out you have attended an interview at another company?

Legally no they can't as it is not illegal to go and do things within your free time such as an interview. That is why most job application froms include a question of whether you (the applicant) agree for this new prospective employer to contact your present / previous employer now or after they offer you the pending job! Your employer may become unhappy by the knowledge that you were seeking employment somewhere else without informing them before hand. So in theory it depends on how your employer reacts to your intentions of wanting to leave; but in reality it is not illegal and therefore your employer would be committing what is known as unfair dismissal if they decide to fire you.

Can your employer ask you to work temporarily without pay?

The employer can ask, however, it's your decision to accommodate or not. An employer cannot force you to work without pay. The question is, can you trust the employer, and can you survive without pay.

Is it legal for your employer to ask who your doctor is?

It is not illegal for your employer to ask who your doctor is. It is illegal for your doctor to give out your information without your consent. Many places of employement require a letter of recent phyical as a requirement of employment. The doctor's signature would be on the form.

Can an employer change the way it calculates employee's year end bonus without prior notice?

If you have a contract of employment then it should explain the terms of your employment. Without a contract it becomes very difficult. You could consider talking to the citizens advice bureau or even your companies personnel department ( if there is one ).

Can a employer withhold you last paycheck if he fires you under suspicion of theft?

An employer can withhold not a penny of your paycheck without your prior written permission. Not fed taxes, not social security, not 401K or pension. And not money allegedly stolen. Employer pays you in full and then sues you for the theft.

What are the constructive dismissal of workers?

normally employees who resign themselves of the right to make for redundancy or other payments. However unfair dismissals act (uda) 1977 covers constructive dismissal which is defined as "the termination by the employee of his contract of employment with his employer whether prior notice of the temination was or was not given to the employer in circumstances in which, because of the employer, the employee was or would have been entitled or it was or would have been reasinable for the employee to terminate the contract of employment without giving prior notice of the temination to the employer"

Is an employer allowed to ask what your illness is?

Yes, in some circumstances. For example, if you called in sick, an employer can sometimes require a doctor's note, which would typically state what the medical reason is that you cannot work. This can be done if the employer has a policy requiring a note. Once an employer has signed a contract with a Union it cannot later implement such a policy without renegotiating the contract. Also, your employer can require that you have a company physical, or even periodic company physicals, as a condition of employment. Again, once an employer has signed a contract with a Union it cannot later implement such a policy without renegotiating the contract. if you are requesting reasonable accommodation for a medical condition, you will not be able to do so without telling your employer what your illness is.

Is drug testing permissible without suspicion or a search warrant?

Yes.Added: Drug testing conducted by WHO? If by law enforcement, they must have reasonable suspicion that you are under the influence of narcotics.If by private employer as a pre-employment or as a requirement for keeping your employment, yes.