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I know that if you are using a cake mix, you can use a can of Diet Soda instead of the oil and eggs (Weight Watcher tip : ) ), but I don't know how it works when you make a cake from scratch. I suppose you could always give it a shot and see what happens. Also, just a warning, the cake won't rise as much as when you use oil and eggs. It will taste fine though; it'll just be a little bit denser.

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โˆ™ 2009-01-03 17:59:14
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Q: Can you substitute cola for an egg in a cake recipe?
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What can you substitute for a fresh egg in a recipe?

you can use either egg whites only or egg beaters

Can you substitute a whole egg for egg whites in a white cake mix?


Can you substitute milk for an egg?

No. Especially when taken out of the context of the recipe.

What happens if you forget to add eggs to cake recipe?

It becomes an Egg less cake :)

How much mayonnaise's do you use to substitute for each egg called for in recipe?

how much mayonnaise do you use to substitute for egg called for in receipe

Can mayonnaise be used as an egg substitute in a brownie recipe?

yes it can if you wish :)

How can you substitute eggs in a cake?

If you are looking for a less fat and cholesterol option, egg substitute (egg whites) work just fine.

What is a substitute for egg beaters?

try a scrambled tofu recipe. There are egg substitutes at health food stores.

Where do you get a cake in harvest moon?

cake? cake recipe? or chocolate cake? cake: whisk, oven, sugar, knife, butter, flour, egg, honey apple. and.. the chocolate cake.. i dunno the true recipe how. but, you can get when u got married.

Do you have to put egg in making cakes are cupcakes?

it depends on the recipe - most recipe's call for egg to be used but i know of a recipe which does not use egg, milk, butter i think and it is a delicious cake. hope i helped.

How much mayo per egg do you substitute?

You only need to substitute about 1 teaspoon of may per egg in a recipe. This is because the mayo is very dense.

What can you use as a substitute for eggs?

The only thing I know of that can be used in any recipe and give the same results, is the commercially prepared "Egg Beaters", which are an egg substitute.

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