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Can you substitute cola for an egg in a cake recipe?


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I know that if you are using a cake mix, you can use a can of Diet Soda instead of the oil and eggs (Weight Watcher tip : ) ), but I don't know how it works when you make a cake from scratch. I suppose you could always give it a shot and see what happens. Also, just a warning, the cake won't rise as much as when you use oil and eggs. It will taste fine though; it'll just be a little bit denser.


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you can use either egg whites only or egg beaters

No. Especially when taken out of the context of the recipe.

how much mayonnaise do you use to substitute for egg called for in receipe

If you are looking for a less fat and cholesterol option, egg substitute (egg whites) work just fine.

cake? cake recipe? or chocolate cake? cake: whisk, oven, sugar, knife, butter, flour, egg, honey apple. and.. the chocolate cake.. i dunno the true recipe how. but, you can get when u got married.

Cooking with Egg SubstitutesUsually the measurements are on the carton that the egg substitute comes in (just like artificial sweeteners do.)Egg to Liquid Egg Substitute Conversion:1 egg = 1/4 cup egg substitute2 eggs = 1/2 cup egg substitute4 eggs = 1 cup egg substitute8 eggs = 1 pint carton egg substituteJust reverse it if you need to use eggs instead of the egg beaters or egg substitue.

try a scrambled tofu recipe. There are egg substitutes at health food stores.

Whatever you substitute, it won't taste or feel the same. You're probably better off getting on the net and looking up an egg-free cake or cookie recipe. It won't taste the same but you can use certain amounts of some easy to get liquids for a substitute but I've forgotten what. Try googling it.

you can not substitute me. The director Substituted lead actor.

You only need to substitute about 1 teaspoon of may per egg in a recipe. This is because the mayo is very dense.

The only thing I know of that can be used in any recipe and give the same results, is the commercially prepared "Egg Beaters", which are an egg substitute.

A box cake calling for 3 egg whites would not rise properly without the egg whites. Applesauce is not a suitable substitute for egg whites. Possible solutions would be to borrow eggs from a neighbor, or prepare a different dessert using available ingredients.

you need to substitute it with something if not the cake mix will be too dry

The recipe for Cake is Flour, Butter, an Egg, and a Fruit baked in the Oven.

you add a little bit more liquid to your cake or add another egg to the recipe

you can substitute eggs with -milk (150 ml ok milk for each egg) -tofu -blended bananas (adds sweetness)

It depends on what you're making, but in most recipes you would be fine using either eggs or egg substitute.

If you've followed the recipe using egg whites instead of whole eggs, the difference should be that you have a white cake instead of a yellow cake. When using a recipe calling for whole eggs and you wish to use just the whites, add one more egg than the recipe calls for to make up for the liquid of the yolks not used.

Mayonnaise is an emulsion of egg yolks, oil and seasoning if you try cooking with mayonnaise it will split and spoil your recipie. Some cake recipes call for mayonnaise, but it substitutes for egg and some of the fat in the recipe, not just the eggs

it depends on the recipe - most recipe's call for egg to be used but i know of a recipe which does not use egg, milk, butter i think and it is a delicious cake. hope i helped.

Such cake would need to be made with gluten-free flour and with an egg substitute. It would not be a true sponge cake, but like the ingredients, only a close approximation.

Some sponge cake recipes have no oil or butter. They have large amounts of sugar and egg.

Usually, a medium to a large sized egg is used for baking cakes. However, eggs are not vegen. A vegen cake should either skip the eggs (if possible), or find an egg substitute to put into the recipe.

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