Can you substitute crisco for lard when making bread?

Updated: 8/20/2019
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Q: Can you substitute crisco for lard when making bread?
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Is there a substitute for lard when making tamales?

You could probably substitute a solid white shortening such as Crisco for lard, although I would be concerned about unhealthy aspects of partially hydrogenated oil.

Can you use Crisco instead of lard?

Unfortunately, Crisco is a terrible lard substitute. It doesn't taste as good; it doesn't perform as well in pastry-making; and it turns out to be less healthy than lard because of its trans fat content. (Crisco did introduce trans-fat-free shortening in 2004.)

What fat can you substitute for bread?


What can you substitute butter for in a tart filling?

Margarine, Crisco, lard, or solidified olive oil butter.

When making pie crust what can you substitute for crisco?

Unsalted butter works great! Let it soften first. Also, lard if animal fat doesn't bother you.

Can you use Crisco instead of lard in gravy?

Yes, Crisco can be used as lard

Can you substitute lard for crisco in pie crust?

You should be able to use lard instead of vegetable based greases. Many people only make their pie crusts with lard.

How much crisco equals 1 lb lard?

1lb crisco equals 1 lb lard

Is lard the same as crisco?

No. Lard is rendered animal fat (the animal fat is cooked down, then cooled and solidified into lard), while Crisco is a vegetable shortening.

I don't have Crisco to use for making fontant but i really want to make it How do i make fondant without using crisco?

The brand doesn't matter but it has to be lard or shortening....

Can Crisco instead of lard for seasoning cast iron?

Yes, solid Crisco can be used. Not Crisco oil.