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Q: Can you substitute for buttermilk for cream sherry in cake?
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Can you substitute cream sherry for medium dry sherry in a cake?

Absolutely! Cream sherry is delicious in a cake or a trifle. Yummy!

What can you use instead of sour cream in your bunt cake?

You can substitute buttermilk as a nice, tasty alternative. So is mayonnaise.

Can you substitute cream for milk in cake recipe?

Yes, you can substitute cream for milk in a cake recipe, and your cake will be richer (and more fattening) as a result.

What is a suitable substitute for brandavino when making a chocolate cake?

Sherry, Port, Marsala or Brandy

Can you Substitute cream cheese for margarine in cake recipe?

no you cant

What can be used to substitute sour cream while baking a chocolate cake?

Don't use sour cream...

Can you substitute buttermilk for oil in a cake mix recipe?

It can be done, but it's not the best. The texture will be different, and the taste will be extremely off.

What can be used as a substitute for milk when making a cake?

water , half and half, or heavy cream..

What do you substitute for vegetable oil in a cake recipe?

applesauce - really! ** You can also use mayonaise. ** You can also substitute the Oil with Sour Cream

Instead of using salad cream to bake a cake can you use mayonnaise?

Yes, salad cream was invented as a cheap substitute for mayonnaise.

Is chocolate buttermilk cake Italian?


You want to make a cake with cream cheese icing and you have no cream cheese what can you substitute for cream cheese?

nothing, you will just have to make ordinary white butter icing.

Can you substitute mayonaisse for sour cream in baking a cake?

no, because it wont come out or taste the same with mayonaisse.

Can Buttermilk be substitued for oil in baking a cake?

No, your cake will have a strange texture. You can substitute mayo or apple sauce for oil though. You could even use butter, but I am guessing you are trying to get a low fat recipe?

Is the phase cake and icing or cake and ice cream?

"Cake and ice cream."

What can you substitute eggs in a cake with?

Sometimes people use yogurt as a substitute for eggs in a cake.

Can you substitute milk with cream?

Substituting ingredients normally has a slight change on flavour or texture, but I often substitute milk for cream and vice versa with no ill effects. I wouldn't recommend using cream instead of milk in a drink if it was mainly milk, as the drink may end up too heavy. I wouldn't recommend using milk instead of cream in a cake filling, as the cake won't hold together.

What can you substitute for vegetable oil in baking cake?

I use applesauce as a substitute for oil in my cake batter.

Can you substitute buttermilk for milk in a coffee cake recipe?

The result might be slightly odd if you do - more acidic and gooey. It would be better to try and find milk instead. If you do choose to use buttermilk, water it down enough so that it reaches the consistency of milk.

Is ice cream cake a real cake?

ice cream cake is basically ice cream molded in the shape of a cake and decorated as such. it may sometimes have actual cake in it though

What is substitute for cake enhancer?

to make cake enhance

Who invented ice cream cake?

invented ice cream cake

Would you have ice cream or cake?

OOH! I know I would rather Have A ICE CREAM CAKE! I would have an ice cream cake 2 in one ice cream and cake. I would have both I would have both ice cream and cake a ice cream cake i would choose cake I would, too. I like your enthusiasm. Sincerely, Iloveritzcrackers

Type of sponge cake soaked in sherry?


Can ice cream cake be cake?

Ice cream cakes are usually made with some layer of cake among the layers of ice cream.