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Realistically, you can sue people for almost anything. Whether you can support your case and win the suit is another issue. If provision of registration papers was part of the negotiated purchase and you did not get them then the seller is in violation of said contract; the buyer would have grounds to file suit to recover the missing product and/or financial compensation in court. Consider filing in small claims court if the seller is not willing to complete the transaction as agreed. Additionally, you may have buyer's protection if you used a credit card to pay for the transaction; contact your company to inquire.

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Can you get new car registration papers?

yes you can get new car registration papers

Can i get a copy of my dogs registration papers?

If you registered your dog in your name, you can easily get a copy of its registration papers. Contact the kennel club where your dog is registered and request a copy. You will probably have to pay a fee to get a copy. If he is registered in someone else's name, that person will have to make the request.

How does someone go about becoming a US citizen?

If you were not born in the US, you must go to the Voter Registration office and inquire about completing citizenship papers.

Could you get papers for puppies if one of the parent is not regesterd?

No you can't. Both perents have to be registered because both of the parents names and registration numbers have to be on the puppies registration papers.

How do you find out your horses quarter horse pedigree?

If you have the horses registration papers you can call AQHA with the registration number and they can tell you, or if you don't have the papers but know the horses name you can call AQHA they can tell you and possibly guide you in obtaining the horses papers

Do horses have to have registration papers to enter competitions?

Yes, it is a rule.

Can you pawn a gun without registration papers in ms?

MS does not require registration, so yes, because it doesn't exist.

What is used to show ownership of cattle?

Branding of cattle, the animal's registration papers, bill of sale papers, and tattoos in the animals ear.

How do you know you have pure breed English bulldog?

The only way to get this is to have registration papers from a reputable registration organization, such as one that operates within the umbrella of the AKC.

Where can you sell your bren gun?

If you have registration papers, contact any dealer in Class III (fully automatic) firearms. No registration? 10 yrs in prison.

Nursing registration exam model question papers for ministry of health uae?


How do you register a hand gun you bought with no papers?

depends on where you are. In most of the US there is no registration of firearms.

Your dog has no papers and you want some how do you get them?

Only pedigree/purebred dogs have papers, and the dog must be registered with a Kennel Club e.g. American Kennel Club, English Kennel Club. Not all purebreds have papers either, a puppy can only have papers if BOTH of it's parents themselves had pedigree papers. Unless your dog had two purebred parents of the same breed that each had pedigree papers, then you cannot get papers for your dog. Kennel Club registration papers and pedigree certificates should be given to you by the breeder if your dog is pedigree/Kennel Club registered. Papers cannot be purchased and so it is not likely that you will be able to retrieve them (if the breeder forgot to give you them etc.).

How do you get ckc papers on a puppy?

If the litter was registered you should have gotten an application for registration from the breeder. If you need to obtain papers for an unpapered puppy you can print the application at

What is the purpose of requiring registration papers on trucks at all times?

At least one quart capacity.

What is a ROM pitbulls?

You will find that in the registration papers meaning Register of Merit. It goes for any breed.

What is a sentence for committed?

They have committed themselves to finish the psychology course and completed the registration papers this morning.

What documents like car registration etc are you required to keep in your car at all times if you live in Illinois?

The documents you need to keep in your car in Illinois are the registration, drivers license, and insurance papers. The papers need to be kept in the dash or other safe place.

What does Racing for pink slips means?

It means that the loser gives up their vehicle & the registration/papers;ie-"pink slips". A type of race where winner literally takes all, including the loser's ride. I believe the registration/ownership papers are pink in shade.

If you are stopped by a police officer you should show these items?

license and registration/insurance car ownership papers

What to do if your car's registration and insurance papers are stolen but you still have the car?

You should still have the title to the car. If you take the title to the Dept of Motor Vehicles they will have record of your car's registration and will issue you new papers. The insurance company will also have record of your policy and can issue you a new insurance card.

How can you get papers for your schnauzer you dont know who breeded him but his pure breed?

Try searching for AKc or CKC registration sites. They may be able to find out who bred your dog and also get you papers.

If your dog is a mini dachshund does it say mini dachshund it on the registration papers?

I think it may sayDachshund, mini

What documents a car driver should always have?

Driving licence, car documents(Registration details) and insurance papers.

Who can you tell how old horses are?

A veterinarian or someone who knows a lot about horses can tell you how old they are. A vet would check the age of a horse in a pre-purchase examination. You can also check the age of a horse if they have registration papers. All breed societies have the age of a horse on its papers Happy to help, Double J Farms