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Accept responsibility for your actions. You hit a car because you either can't drive or you weren't being careful enough. That is your fault, not the fault of an overcrowded parking lot. Of course you can sue anyone for anything, but is that the proper thing to do. I think not.


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A car has been impounded , can the car be return to owner if a payment arrangement is made with parking authorities.

No, if you have the owner of the parking lots permission.

If a car is keyed in a parking lot it is usually the responsibility of the owner of the car to get it repaired. Many parking lots have cameras, so it might be possible to put the blame on an individual for the damage.

The ticket is attached to the car, and the owner of the car. We loaned someone a vehicle of ours years ago, and she racked up many parking tickets at a college. Guess who was responsible for the tickets, the owner is. Unless the ticket is handed to you with your name on it, the owner is responsible.

Not in a public parking lot. But if it is a controlled parking low where the employees park and retrieve the cars, the lot owner is responsible. He probably has a sign posted saying he is not responsible for accidents, but he is.

Most likely the owner. The car should be licensed and registered in their name, and the ticket is against the license plate. The owner let whoever use their car when the violation occurred. But it probably depends on if the ticket was placed on the car or if an officer handed the driver a ticket.

Its the person that hit the car coming in to the parking lot because probably the bad car was speeding. :)

As a airport parking attendant, one can be blamed for many scratches that may occur to the car while the owner of the car is away on vacation or business.

Assuming the parking lot was open, and the car had every right to be parked there. The owner of the snowplow, and possibly the operator of it would be liable for damages to the parked car.

The cast of A Parking Lot Story - 1997 includes: Hugh Casey as Parking Lot Attendant Heidi Swedberg as Car Owner

This will depend on where the ice came from. If the owner or employee of the parking lot property deposited Ice on the lot and then left the lot open for public parking, one might construe owner negligence. If Nature deposited the ice on the parking lot, such as an Ice storm or freezing temperatures, then it is very unlikely that the property owner or the vehicle owner could be construed as negligent or at fault.

Yes there is free parking for any Mercedes owner who drives there vehicle. Since Mercedes is the official car of the US Open

The person that received the ticket. The owner of the car received the ticket.

That depends. Did you leave your car out in a Wal-mart parking lot unlocked with the windows fully down and a sign saying "STEAL ME!"? Because if you did then yeah that was pretty much all your fault.

the car that is backing out because they have to yield because the others have the right of way.

Not in the UK, but the private land owner may be able to clamp your car and charge you to have it released.

There are many airport car parking. Airport car parking cost varies depending on the airport you are parking at. The average cost of airport car parking is usually around $20 a day.

You won't get a traffic ticket, but you can be cited for trespassing, and the property owner can have your car towed.

Yes parking gears will be included in cars because seeing to the population increas and parking problems cars will come programed with pakig gears

does a no-fault insuranced car hits a insuranced packed car in a privet parking lot, does the no-fault car have to pay for dangs to the insurance car if it under 1,000.00 dollars?

Doesn't matter who was driving. The vehicle was in the wrong place and the owner is responsible.

A car owner has to pay impound and storage fees after repssession because that was their car. The bills are left to the car owner, no one else is going to pay their bills.

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